There’s a Pakistani film called ‘Whistle’ and it is releasing this Friday!


While we were all caught up with ‘Balu Mahi’ and ‘Thora Jee Le’ there was this other Pakistani film getting ready for release. Yes, there is a film called ‘Whistle’ and it is releasing this Friday, February 17! Honestly, we didn’t know much about the film too, so we decided to do some research and  this is what we found out.

Here is the poster


Looks pretty decent no? Farhan Ali Agha, Sohail Sameer, and Tatmain Ul Qulb definitely make for an interesting cast!Then we googled some more and came across the trailer.

The trailer

Ah well. Do we really need to comment on the trailer? Looks like another film which releases Friday and bids farewell to cinemas on Monday. If you think are being mean, check out this item number from the film called  ‘Phuljhari’

And don’t miss the title track

The film releases this Friday all over Pakistan. Let us know if you’ll be seeing it. We will check it out this Friday and do a review for you. Until then, Whistle Baja dey…


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