Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore finally hits the cinemas

After being much delayed and generating numerous controversies, Pakistani superstar Meera’s latest Bollywood feature 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore finally hit the Indian cinemas yesterday (10th August), receiving a good response overall.

Releasing in India with a good response, the film was praised for the acting and Meera’s performance in particular was highly appreciated.

In a response to Galaxy Lollywood on the ‘release moment’, director Faisal Saif said, “The film opened to a very good response worldwide (Except Pakistan).. 50% in India.¬†First day was holiday, so it was a li’l low, but it’s expected to grow from today [11 August].. I have purposely NOT kept any Press Trials.. I wanted the Viewers to decide.”

When asked about its release in Pakistan, he said, “I guess it will take some time, let us first be free from releasing it in other parts of the world, and then we will definitely make it screen in Pakistan too.”

Commenting on the response to Meera’s performance, Faisal said, “People are loving Meera (Extremely) for her Negative Performance.”

Although the movie got the cinema release in India, but was opened in DVDs in USA, UK, Singapore and Malaysia, making it more convenient for Meera fans out there to enjoy her latest work. Film will open in Dubai next week.

Commenting on a rather limited release of the film, Faisal said, “I have gone ahead with a very Limited Release for this film. So that it stays long and well.. And more and more people can watch it.”

We wish the film a very good luck and hope it takes the aroma of a Pakistani talent to the places where it is still unknown.

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