Breaking! Ashir Azeem of ‘Dhuwan’ returns in Yalgaar

by Aayan Mirza

One of the best childhood TV memories for some, and a PTV classic to others, Dhuwan remains an important and a well cherished chapter of Pakistan’s entertainment history. The TV serial, though, lived a life of mere thirteen episodes, but those well executed thirteen episodes shot many of its names to some instant fame, TV actor Nabeel being one.

But Nabeel, post Dhuwan, went on to work for television and is now a big name of our small screen. It was its main lead, the actor to ASP Azhar’s character, the creator of the play, Ashir Azeem, whom people dearly missed after Dhuwan, and actually desired to be seen more. But that didn’t really happen and perhaps that’s the reason people still love the actor and cherish his work with the same ecstatic intensity.

But no need to watch Dhuwan again and again to keep Ashir alive in your memories, as he is back. Back on the screen, this time on the big one, with the biggest film of Pakistan in the making, Yalgaar.

Ashir plays the role of a Major General in the movie, and his character’s name would be Ahmed, thus Major General Ahmed of Yalgaar.

Yalgaar as we already know is a movie based on Pakistan Armed Forces’ offensive in Swat and stars Shaan Shahid, Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Ayub Khoso, Ayesha Omer, Bilal Ashraf, Armeena Khan and Sana Bucha among many others.

This addition of Ashir Azeem, after that of Sana Bucha, Adnan Siddiqui and Ayesha Omer, yet again gives us another strong reason to attach our hopes with the movie, and to experience it in cinemas when it releases — which it is expected to somewhere this year.

Below are the pictures of Ashir from Yalgaar’s BTS.

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