Box Office: 2017’s sun sets leaving dismay for ‘Arth’, ‘Rangreza’ and ‘Chupan Chupai’

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers given by independent box office tracking site Box Office Detail. However, until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. The numbers are also revised at times and hence you may observe fluctuations.

2017 ended with grave disappointments for last three releases of the year – ‘Arth’, ‘Rangreza’, and ‘Chupan Chupai’.

Two of these films, ‘Arth’ and ‘Rangreza’, had already seen the distressing first week when the third release ‘Chupan Chupai’ joined them this weekend to try its luck on the box office. The second weekend brought misfortune for the former duo, as the graphs of both films nose-dived dramatically.

The new release ‘Chupan Chupai’, perhaps, performed better than the other two on the weekend. Given the lukewarm response it received, it also cannot be termed as a box office success. However, with much less promotion and hype, it still could outdo the other two releases on its opening weekend, which demands some appreciation.

Talking about the numbers, ‘Rangreza’ which collected 1.8 crore on its first week, could add only 15 lac on the second weekend. The 11-day collections of the film, with limited preview on Thursday, tallied to 1.95 crore only.

As for ‘Arth’, no official numbers have been released by either the makers or our friends at Box Office Detail but sources have confirmed that the film has done only slightly better than ‘Rangreza’ with its 11-day collections barely crossing 2 crore margin.

‘Rangreza’ and ‘Arth’ join the legion of other box office disasters of 2017.

Coming to the new release of this week, ‘Chupan Chupai’ opened normally and collected 45 lac on Friday. It saw slight gain on Saturday and raked in 50 lac. Whereas, not unexpectedly, the collections dipped back to 45 lac on Sunday. The film, thus, collected a total sum of 1.4 crore on its first weekend, which is better than the first weekend collections of both ‘Arth’ and ‘Rangreza’.

In a glance:

  • Arth (11 days): 2.01 crore
  • Rangreza (11 days): 1.95 crore
  • Chupan Chupai (3 days): 1.4 crore

We did not wish to welcome 2018 with such a dismal report. We hope the coming days will bring good news for Pakistani films. Stay tuned for more box office updates.

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