Here is a complete timeline of the Ko Ko Korina Kontroversy!

Pakistani Twitter aka the hub of all things phada witnessed one of its ugliest showdowns in the history of showdowns when Coke Studio dropped its mega bomb: Ko Ko Korina. A lot has been said and written about the song and here we give you a detailed rundown of who said what at what time about whom using what medium. Time to grab your popcorn folks, because we are about to delve right into the ko ko madness:

October 19, 6:00 pm: The world is blessed with the arrival of Ko Ko Korina.

October 19, 10:30 pm: Sajal in an attempt of scoring brownie points from Mama Mir posts an elaborate note on her Instagram praising husband to be Ahad.

October 20, 6:02 pm: In Ahad’s head people have liked the song so he also comes up with an elaborate thank you note on his Twitter account.

October 21, 8:18 pm: Shireen Mazari becomes the voice of reason and speaks for the entire nation.

October 22, 5:40 pm: Momina replies using words like #FreedomOfExpression and #HumanRights because why not?

October 22, 6:34 pm: Shireen once again talks sense and explains her personal opinion has nothing to do whatsoever with her position.

October 22, 6:50 pm: Momina thinks the entire world is out to get her and that everyone is a ‘bully’, so she plays the card she knows how to play best.

October 22, 7:06 pm: Shireen has had it and ends the discussion!

October 23, 12:57 am: HSY tweets in support of the song because obviously, he needs people for the next season of Koffee with, oops Tonite with HSY!

October 23, 8:53 am: Sajal pulls a page out of a tearjerker script and tweets her anger!

October 23, 12 pm: Ahad realizes that people aren’t really ‘loving’ the song so he FINALLY addresses the elephant in the room via a series of preachy tweets which honestly get repetitive and boring after a point.

October 23, 2:58 pm: Realising her beau just threw her under the bus, Sajal redeems herself with a meetha tweet accompanied with butterflies and hearts. Aww Saj, you such a jaan!

That’s all, for now, we will keep you posted if someone else jumps into the madness that is the Ko Ko Korina fiasco.