GL Box Office: Here is how films fared this week (28 Dec 18 – 4 Jan 19)

Box Office Zero Simmba 3 Bahadur

Pakistani cinema has seen immense growth over the past few years. One major reason for this has been the support it has got from the Bollywood films releasing in Pakistan every other week. We have approximately 161 screens in the country, and without Indian movies, it would be very difficult for this small number of screens to survive.

Past few weeks have seen two major Bollywood releases in Pakistan, Zero and Simmba. Moreover, local animated film, 3 Bahadur, is also successfully running in cinemas side by side. Here is a detailed report on how these films are performing at the local box office. Since it is the first piece of Galaxy Lollywood’s new box office series, we present a more comprehensive picture of these film, and not just the past week’s numbers.


Zero came out on 21st of December with 360 shows all over Pakistan and went on to rake in some good moolah over the first week. It had an estimated business of 10 crores 75 lacs in the first seven days, but the numbers significantly dropped by its second weekend, adding a mere 1 crore 75 lacs to the first week numbers.

The film did a total business of 12 crores 5 Lacs in its first 10 days in Pakistan. It has failed to perform elsewhere in the world as well, and is expected to wrap up in 90 crores in the Indian market. Although a Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer, the negative word of mouth has resulted in Zero being a clear under-performer.


Simmba, on the other hand, came out on the 28th of December 2018 and has surprised everyone with the robust start it took in the local markets. The weekend grossing of the film stands around 5 crores 25 lacs which is big considering that Zero was still playing along with Aquaman and Bumblebee.

The film showed a supreme hold on first Monday with its 1 crore business, showing that good content always finds its takers. The 4 day total of the movie stands at a whopping 6 crores 25 lacs. Simmba is running riot at the Indian box-office as well, managing 150 crores in first week and has also crossed the 60 crore mark at the overseas markets too.

3 Bahadur

Along with these big Indian releases, 3 Bahadur has also managed to hold its ground with the 2nd week collections of the movie being more than its 1st week business. This is, undoubtedly, a rare and a great feat for the ARY release.

The film managed a good figure of 1 crore 80 lacs in its first week and the 2 weeks total is coming around 4 crores. This shows extraordinary hold and seems like the movies will end up being the highest grosser of the successful franchise, as the previous one did a business of around 8 crores 10 lacs.


Zero in its lifetime will wrap up under 14 crores in the local market. Despite largely being a box office failure around the globe, these figures will still be the second-best for an SRK film in Pakistan.

On the other hand, Simmba seems to be accumulating around 9-10 crores in its first week, and will go on to collect 14 to 15 crores in its lifetime in Pakistan. This will be a great result and a stamp of the fact that “Ranveer – the star” has arrived in the Pakistani market as well.

We will keep you updated regarding the local box-office numbers for all films releasing in the coming weeks too.

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