Questions with Galaxy Lollywood: Shaan replies to your Instagram queries

Shaan answers Instagram questions

We had superstar Shaan Shahid in the house a couple of days back, and we asked you guys on Instagram to send in the questions you wanted to ask your favourite star. The questions you sent were put in front of him, and here we present you his answers.

Now, remember this is not our complete interview with Shaan. That comes out pretty soon, and the superstar talks about a lot of other exciting things, including an extensive discussion on his upcoming film, Zarrar. Till then, enjoy this Q & A from Instagram.

Question 1: Arth 2 kab tv per ya online aye gi?

Shaan: Well, we are planning it. It will probably come on Netflix or one of the other options we are currently discussing. This is because I have partners in the film and we are all sitting down and trying to bring it to digital as soon as possible.

Question 2: Why don’t you attend award shows?

Shaan: I think the awards are sponsored events and the organizers need to realize that the only two free things there are at these awards are the trophies and the actors.

Question 3: When till the trailer for Zarrar get released?

Shaan: 23rd March, look out for the trailer of Zarrar.

Question 4: Why do you have two names?

Shaan: “Armaghan Shahid” is a name that was a bit difficult for people to pronounce, so my mother came up with the idea. She called me Shaan. “sh” for Shahid, “a” for Allah and “n” for Neelo, so that makes “Shaan.”

Question 5: How was your experience working with Yasir Hussain?

Shaan (jokingly): I had a terrible experience, and that’s because you [Yasir] asked the question. If somebody else had asked it, I would have said ‘I loved it.’ He is a fine actor, got a funny bone in him, and is such a creative person. I think he’s got loads of energy.

Question 6: Name an actor from Hollywood and Bollywood who you feel most similar to.

Shaan: They’re all doing brilliant work. But as an actor, you don’t see other people’s work because you start getting influenced and you have to keep it pure. With all due respect to all of them, I think they’re all doing a good craft and a good job.

Question 7: Do you miss working with Reema and Meera?

Shaan: Obviously, I mean when you work with somebody in a film you give them a part of your life and a part of that character. Yes, I miss them, all of them. Saima, Reema, Resham, all the people I’ve worked with, they’re all brilliant actresses.

Question 8: Are you planning for a comeback in TV serials?

Shaan: I haven’t done anything on television, but I’d love to do it. Because I think it’s a very good medium. Something like a season, I’d love to do that. Let’s see what happens.

Question 9: Which one of the youngsters today in Pakistan do you feel can be the next big thing?

Shaan: To become a big thing, you need to do more films than TV serials. They all have potential, let’s see who starts doing more films and less tv.

Question 10: Ap itne fit kaise ho? What do you do for your fitness?

Shaan: I eat right, I sleep on time, I do my exercises, and I love playing cricket. I am a very handy person around the house; I clean my cars, take the dogs outside, and stay active all day.

Shaan also expressed his excitement over his upcoming film Zarrar and talked extensively in the complete interview that comes out soon. Stay tuned.