“I now understand why she is Mahira Khan”- Bilal Ashraf on his ‘Superstar’ co-star

Bilal Ashraf superstar
Photo Credits: Shahbaz Shazi

Bilal Ashraf, our resident dimple boy, will be seen opposite Mahira Khan for the first time, in his upcoming film Superstar. The film revolves around the theme of stardom in Pakistan and Mahira will be seen playing the role of an actress.

The film is directed by Ehtishamuddin and is yet to have a confirmed release date. We, at Galaxy Lollywood, had a candid chit chat with the man of the movie – Bilal Ashraf – himself recently and here is everything we talked about:

Upon being asked about his role in the film, Bilal did not reveal many details as such but did mention that the audience is ‘in for a treat.’ He further mentioned that it’s something very new for him too; something he has never done before.

While talking about the tentative schedule and release plan of the film, Bilal said, “For now we are just trying to finish up the film. There is no such plan. The only plan is to finish the film for now.”

Now I Understand Why She is Mahira

As mentioned earlier, this will be the first time Mahira and Bilal will be seen opposite each other on the silver screen. While answering the question about how it has been like working with Mahira and Ehteshamuddin, Bilal had nothing but good things to say.

To put it in his own words: “Wow, an absolute treat. I now understand why she is Mahira Khan. Dedicated, disciplined, supportive, extremely committed and to top it all, very very humble and down to earth. Ehteshamuddin, too, is a master at work; enthusiastic and acts out everything for his actors. His homework is immaculate, and he is super clear in what he wants. His attention to details is spot on. Such a treat working with him and learning from him.”

Taking Acting Courses for Preparation

Bilal Ashraf was last seen on the silver screen in 2017 when Rangreza came out (and also broke our hearts with so much potential gone to waste). Explaining why it took him so long to hop on to his next project, Bilal said that he was waiting for the right script; something he felt sincerely for and Superstar is that great story.

Moreover, we inquired about the acting courses that he supposedly has been taking lately, Bilal said, “I took some courses in the UK and also was put into theatre classes with Sunil Shankar from Nappa by Momina Duraid. Learned a great deal. I think we jump into films without rehearsals, which are a must!”

Must say, we agree wholeheartedly with the last line. It’s great that Bilal has been working to improve his acting skills. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Superstar, this year.

Shaping Up for the Role & Television

Bilal further mentioned that his current super shredded, lean body is for Superstar and as far as his future projects are concerned, he is expected to jump onto his next film as soon as he is done shooting this done. While talking about why he has not done any dramas so far, Bilal said, “I feel TV is a great platform, and one gets to learn a lot. But I just want to stick to films for now. Maybe if a great script comes along then, why not.”

Towards the end, Bilal generously recorded his appreciation for Superstar’s producer, Momina Duraid, and music director, Azaan Sami Khan. As he aptly put it, “Azaan has done a fantastic job with the music. So different and refreshing. Also wanted to mention that Momina Duraid is a super producer who is always super involved in orchestrating every detail and does not take any shortcuts; something that’s rare to find in Pakistan but a sign of a good producer.”

Superstar went on the floor somewhere in January and is expected to release later this year. We wish Bilal Ashraf and the entire team the very best of luck!