Exclusive: Mohib Mirza sustains serious injuries during the shooting of ‘Ishrat’

Mohib Mirza Ishrat injured

Pakistani cinema fans have been missing Mohib Mirza on their big screens after his 2015 hit Bachana. The actor recently announced that he is making a comeback with his own production and directorial début, Ishrat: Made In China.

The film, with its eccentric first look, is amongst one of the most exciting projects of 2019. Currently, Mohib is keeping everything related to the project under tight wraps due to the promotional strategy that he has devised for his film.

Wounded in Action

But, we have learned from our reliable sources that the first spell of the feature film is all complete. What comes, however, as a major setback is that during the shooting, Mohib had to sustain some severe injuries.

The actor had basically opted to perform all his stunts by himself because of certain angles which featured his face. This resulted in an injury that has caused severe nerve damage.

We contacted Mohib himself and enquired about his injury.

On the Path to Recovery

The Dukhtar star confirmed the news but also mentioned that he’s on the path to recovery.

Mohib also stated that despite severe pain, he had to continue with the schedule because if they had decided to stop the shoot, it would have disturbed the entire timeline of the film’s production process.

Mohib has claimed that Ishrat is filming over a set that’s the largest ever created in the recent history of Pakistani cinema. Moreover, the action is designed by some well-known foreign names that he couldn’t reveal as of now.

Disturbing the schedule would have definitely resulted in the delay of the entire production process, but now that the first spell is complete, Mohib must have taken a sigh of relief, although with a little physical pain.

Ishrat: Made in China is an action-packed comedy film. According to Mohib, with the shoot of the first spell wrapped up, he is pleased with its result and sure that the audience will love it too.

We wish all the very best of health to Mohib Mirza and a roaring success to his film.

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