The ensemble cast shines bright in the teaser of Wrong No.2!

Yasir Nawaz’s directorial debut Wrong No. was the surprise hit of 2015. The film won both the critics and audiences over with its comedy and established Yasir as one of the main players in the new age of cinema. Then came Mehrunisa V Lub U in 2018 which took forward the Yasir Nawaz brand of comedy, although it had a social theme at its core. Now with Wrong No.2, Yasir is going back to his roots and given the first teaser, the film seems impressive.

The one and half minute teaser which doesn’t spill many beans about the story, however, does show that Wrong No.2 is following a Pashtun Family with a patriarch (played by Javed Sheikh) and joining him is an ensemble cast of brilliant actors like Mehmood Aslam, Sana Fakhar,  Fareeha Jabeen, Shehnaz Pervaiz, Danish Nawaz and more.

In an interview with Galaxy Lollywood, Hassan Zia had revealed that the film was less about the two main stars Sami Khan-Neelam Muneer and more of an ensemble comedy and giving by the first teaser this seems to be the case.

The Basic Template

It seems that Yasir has kept the fun elements from the successful recipe of his debut Wrong No.2 intact this time. He uses some rib-tickling punchlines, well written and interesting supporting characters, well choreographed songs and beautiful locations with catchy tunes. All that in a “comedy of errors” story that takes the viewer on a travel spree from one place to another. While the basic template may be followed, the film does have a freshness to it as the setting has changed.

What’s Fresh

This time Wrong No.2 is following a Pashtun family and its adventures. The locations change from the dusty streets of Karachi to the historic buildings of interior Sindh and its lush green fields,showing that the film’s canvas is expansive and eye-catching. Another interesting aspect is Neelam Muneer’s character. The lady looks beautiful and there is nothing sexier than her, especially when she’s speaking pashto.

Mehmood Aslam’s is another Pashtun character as Javed Sheikh’s aide and he looks nothing short of adorable. You could also see Sana Fakhar and Yasir Nawaz for a couple of glimpses here and there but it is Fareeha Jabeen and Shehnaz Pervaiz who steal the show with their funny act.  We however terribly missed Sami Khan’s dialogues. He’s there with just one line and is shown in a few songs here and there. Hope to see more of him in the trailer.

In a nutshell, the fun-filled teaser has left us wanting more and if everything goes well with regard to the trailer and its growing buzz, Wrong No.2 will surely be the top choices for cinegoers when it hits the screens this Eid ul Fitr.


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