BOL TV has been restrained from further airing ‘Bulbulay’: ARY wins the case against BOL

A few days ago, we had reported about the new season of Bulbulay being aired on Bol Entertainment. This was certainly a matter of concern for the long-time fans of the beloved sitcom which had always aired exclusively on ARY. On one hand, the team behind the show was promising new episodes of the sitcom for Eid ul Fitr while on the other, Bol Entertainment was already airing new episodes under the title of Phir Bulbulay.

We reached out to the producer of the show, Nabeel, and he told us that Bol Entertainment had been airing the episodes illegally and that the matter was in court. The decision for the case was pending when we had the conversation with him. Well, the good news is that the court has given its decision and ruled in favor of Bulbulay.

ARY wins the case for Bulbulay

According to the statement released, a stay order was issued against Bol Entertainment for airing the episodes of Bulbulay. “GOOD NEWS: Stay order passed in our favor in the Bulbulay case. Bol tv has been restrained from further broadcasting the sitcom Bulbulay.” Nabeel shared this decision with us after the court ruled in favor of his case on Monday.

This is certainly great news for both the Bulbulay team and its fans as they can now enjoy their favorite sitcom like they have always – as it airs exclusively on ARY now.

Another interesting fact to be noted here is that according to Jerjees Seja, Bulbulay was being disputed in court even when Nabeel was thinking of taking it to Bol a couple of years ago. We reached out to Jerjees to get his quote on this victory as well as his side of the story about Bulbulay temporarily being shifted to another network but he remained unavailable. Nevertheless, we will update you about what Jerjees has to say about this, very soon. Till then, we congratulate the team of Bulbulay for winning the court case and taking Pakistan’s beloved sitcom back to its home.