Box Office: ‘Baaji’ almost touching the 3 crore mark on first weekend

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The Lollywood box office is raging at the moment, with one of its biggest releases of the year Baaji finishing up well on a rather difficult weekend. Distributed under ARY Films and starring Meera, Amna Ilyas and Osman Khalid Butt, the film managed to keep cinemas above water over the weekend despite it being cricket season. Also still on in cinemas and three weeks old, eid releases Wrong No. 2 and Chhalawa have seen massive declines in numbers since opening week.

‘Baaji’ dominated despite zero advantages

The past three days brought with itself a Pakistan vs Afghanistan match on Saturday, which had a significant portion turning to television instead of cinemas. The box office, however, can owe it to the poor rank of the opposing team because of which many people weren’t concerned about a loss, hence didn’t make for it to be a very happening match. While Wrong No.2 and Chhalawa, both, had the advantage of releasing on Eid long weekend, Baaji was at a larger disadvantage yet is faring significantly well.

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Word-of-mouth added to its numbers, as a lot of folks who had watched the movie and made it a business of Rs. 90 lac on Friday must have done their job as consumers and an audience by talking about it. Despite the match, the film on Saturday made a miraculous Rs. 95 lac. The box office was again in high spirits on Sunday as Baaji continued to fare well with another Rs. 90 or so lac, finishing the weekend off at a near Rs. 3 crore.


Friday: 90 lac
Saturday: 95 lac
Sunday: 95 lac

Total: 2.80 crore

Chhalawa and Wrong No. 2 share their decline

The Eid pair, Chhalawa and Wrong No. 2 have completed their three weeks at the box office and begun to fall in numbers. Chhalawa previously enjoyed a great opening week aided by Eid holidays at the end of which it had earned Rs. 12.45 crore, whereas Wrong No. 2 closed Eid week at Rs. 13.1 crore. Since Eid was an added advantage for both the movies as people were not only free but had more spending power, the box office numbers went seriously down in their second weeks as compared to what they had earned initially. Chhalawa closed at Rs. 2.35 crore and Wrong No. 2 at Rs. 2.85 crore.


The star-studded Chhalawa which cast actors Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Zara Noor Abbas finished at Rs. 1.12 crore in its third week, while Wrong No. 2 and its star cast including Neelam Muneer, Sami Khan, Javed Sheikh, Yasir Nawaz and Mehmood Aslam pulled in Rs. 1.55 crore at the closing of its third week.


Week 1: 12.45 crore
Week 2: 2.35 crore
Week 3: 1.2 crore

Total: 16 crore

Wrong No. 2

Week 1: 13.1 crore
Week 2: 2.85 crore
Week 3: 1.55 crore

Total:17.5 crore


These box office numbers are given by an independent box office tracking site EPK Pakistan.


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