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”Zarrar’ Will Take Representation Of Women To Another Level’, Says Kiran Malik

Thousands aspire to be a part of the glamorous world of movies. Many come to try their luck, sadly though, not all succeed. With the revival of cinema fresh faces without any godfathers or are now getting ample opportunities to grace the silver screen. Story of model turned actress Kiran Malik making it big in the world of cinema is nothing short of an exciting plot within itself. She is just a film old, but already has a huge fan following. Malik has carved a niche for herself, there is something about her that leaves us swooning an attracted towards her. If Pinky Memsaab had viewers swept by her prodigious histrionics, Shaan Shahid’s Zarrar and Faisal Qureshi’s Money Back Guarantee seem to be the perfect vehicles to showcase her talent.

In a tête-à-tête with Galaxy Lollywood, she opens up about the response to her debut performance, her experience of working with Shaan in Zarrar, her role in the film and much more.

You are an HR consultant, model turned actress; when were you bitten by the bug of acting?

I am always keen on exploring my capabilities when it comes to create art. Acting is one of all that I can do.

Your debut film Pinky Memsaab won the audience choice award at the UK Asian Film Festival. What was your biggest take away from the film?

Pinky Memsaab became very close to my heart as it portrayed the realities of life. Also a person like me based in Dubai could relate to it to a large extent. The subject of the film also complimented my work ethic, as I prefer to be real with my art & lifestyle.

Pinky Memsaab got you a massive response. Did you anticipate it?

Yes! The response was overwhelming, and it added up to my fondness towards the script.

 For someone who never planned on being an actor, what is the easiest and most difficult thing about acting?

Being an emotional person, it’s always easy for me to cry on camera (smiles). The difficult part is to find a way around patriarchy that is detected in the media industry.

You met Shaan Shahid at a café in Karachi and the next day he offered you Zarrar. Wasn’t that too filmy?

They say life imitates art, so yes definitely (laughs).

Tell us about Zarrar. What’s your role in the film?

There are a lot of dimensions to my character; I feel like my role in Zarrar will take the representation of women in Pakistani cinema to another level.

How would you describe Shaan? How is he as a person, actor and costar?

Shaan is an extremely professional person. Being on set with him made me realize, that he’s not just an actor but more like the jack of all trades.

Do you share the screen with Nadeem Baig? If yes, how was the experience?

I can’t share much about it; however, the experience of working with Nadeem Baig has been overwhelming; it was like a dream come true.

Tell us about the music and action sequences?

All I can say is, every scene of the film is thoughtful and articulate.

The million-dollar question, when is Zarrar releasing? When is the trailer coming out?  

Keep your fingers crossed (smiles) it’s surely releasing this year.

How did you manage to get pass through your dialect?  Are you comfortable at Urdu?

I feel like there’s a misconception that I am from UK. It isn’t true; I would like to clear that I only went there for my higher studies.  I was born and brought up in Lahore; I have been a Lahori through and through. My dialect is Urdu and it’s not hard for me to manage at all.

You’ve bagged an important role in Money Back Guarantee. How did that happen?

Well, life happened! (Laughs). Money Back Guarantee will play a vital part in my acting career.

What will you be doing now by way of roles and which mediums are you open to for new assignments?

It really depends on how much I feel; the amount of work I can produce. If a particular role or medium clicks, I am up for all sorts.

‘A married woman can’t be a film heroine’. You’ve successfully managed to change this notion. Does it feel a sense of achievement?

All women in Pakistani media industry are trying to normalize the idea of a married working woman, let alone an actress. As much as it makes me feel proud and happy, it also makes me realize my privileges.

You are effortlessly balancing motherhood and work. What’s the trick?

I look forward to learn every day; to be better at striking a balance between my professional and personal life.

Tell us about your future endeavors?

For me to know and you to see; lots of wise work.



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