Mein Hari Piya: A Love Triangle With Problematic Narrative

Main Hari Piya

The first episode of ARY Digital’s drama ‘Mein Hari Piya’ aired on Monday. This play is written by Qaisra Hayat, directed by Badar Mehmood and produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr Ali Kamzi.

Sami Khan, Hira Salman and Sumbul Iqbal are performing the lead roles, whereas the supporting cast includes Marina Khan, Maira Khan Hamza Sohail, Ayaz Samoo, Hassan Naizi and Shaista Jabeen.


‘Mein Hari Piya’ follows the life of a happily married couple Sara and Fawad, played by Hira Salman and Sami Khan. Fawad is an extremely loving husband and Sara is an ideal wife and daughter-in-law. Sara is immensely loved by her mother in law, played by Marina Khan, while her sister in law, Mariya, performed by Maira khan is a toxic character who is absolutely against Sara.

Farwa, played by Sumbul Iqbal, is Sara’s best friend. She belongs to a poor family. Farwa adores Sara’s life and wants the same for herself. Although Sara’s life appears ideal, her infertility engulfs the tranquillity and happiness of her life.

Mariya conspires against Sara and makes her mother believe that Sara can never be a mother. On the other hand, Mariya’s in-laws compel her to arrange the marriage of Mariya’s divorced brother Sauood and her psych sister-in-law, Hina. Mariya pleads with her mother for Hina and Fawad’s marriage as Sauood, who resides in Dubai, will never agree to marry Hina.

Problematic Content

‘Mein Hari Piya’ accentuates the infertility issue in the most insensitive manner. Additionally, the drama is not based on the struggles of an infertile woman or creates any awareness pertaining to this societal issue. Sara is shown infertile only to justify the second marriage of Fawad. As predictable by teasers, Sara will make Fawad and Farwa marry each other and from there the typical love triangle will take over the entire story, leaving behind the issue of infertility.

Every dialogue between Mariya and Sara, and Sara and her mother in law is only related to infertility. Despite having a loving and understanding husband, despite being educated and from a well-off family, Sara will not take a staunch stand for herself. This character projects as if infertility is a woman’s fault hence she must suffer. 

In the 21st century, the world is inclined towards creating content that creates awareness and breaks stereotypes, however, this play depicts a woman who will make her own living hell only because she is unable to conceive.

Predictable Story

‘Mein Hari Piya’ has a predictable storyline. Sara, who is unbelievably goodwill arrange her own husband’s marriage, Farwa who adores Sara’s life will happily marry Fawad. Fawad will love Sara more even after his second marriage, this will create envy in Farwa so she will plot against Sara.

Mariya will continue spreading toxicity, she will try her level best for Hina and Fawad’s marriage. In the end, either the three protagonists will live happily ever after or one of the two female protagonists will die leaving a child behind.


All the characters have mono-shaded personalities, therefore the actors do not have an extended margin of performance. Hira Salman convincingly performed the role of a miserable woman. Sami Khan has a limited screen appearance in the first episode. His role is nothing more than a loving husband who will ultimately marry against his will.

It appears that Sumbul Iqbal’s character is the only unpredictable protagonist of the story. Her character may be coloured in jealousy and manipulation in coming episodes. In the first episode, her performance as Farwa is up to the mark.


There is nothing worth highlighting in ‘Mein Hari Piya’s’ direction. The play bears a typical storyline, almost all the scenes are filmed in the same house. Consequently, the director has not many expanses for camera angle and frames. Dialogues project the story more than actual screen execution. For instance, Farwa’s self-talk reveals her struggles, her five years of relation with a boy and her adoration for Sara. This could have been projected on the screen. 


Our audience is so much inclined towards the content entailing a Roti Dhoti Aurat that almost all the dramas having such characters perform really well in terms of rating and views. Likewise, this story of a Mazloom Aurat may attract the sympathies of many, giving the drama considerable viewership.


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