Pehchaan Kicks Off With Great Performances, And An Engaging Storyline

After an impactful portrayal of her characters Sameen and Dilnasheen, Hiba Bukhari is now presented as Sharmeen in HUM TV’s latest drama serial ‘Pehchaan’. The first episode aired last night and viewers are quite impressed with the story and execution.

The Cast

The cast of the project includes Syed Jibran, Mirza Zain Baig, Nadia Khan, along with veterans Qavi Khan, Mohemmed Ahmed, Huma Nawab, and Sajida Syed.

The Story

Sharmeen, aka Kuki, and Adnan shifted to Turkey after their marriage 13 years ago. The couple has two children and the family of four apparently lives a happy life.

However things are not how they seem to be on the surface. Kuki gets to know about her husband’s affair, and soon, she realises that her life has only been limited to house chores.

She decides to leave the country, returning to Pakistan, where she cuts off her family and in-laws. Will she be able to start a new journey? Or will Junaid manage to convince Kuki to return?

Pehchaan: The First Episode

Apart from a powerful and promising storyline, the first episode did set a strong fundament for the show with an element of mystery around Kuki and Adnan’s married life and their respective family issues in Pakistan. The direction done by Asad Jabal is good, and justifies the set-up in two different countries, despite the drama being shot in Pakistan.

There is also a strong representation of married couples of different ages and backgrounds, and how they try to balance their relationships at respective points in life. The introductory scene shows Kuki’s early adulthood, where she is seen as a chirpy girl, with a potential angle with her friend’s brother, Azeez played by Mirza Zain Baig.

The Performances

Hiba Bukhari stuns audiences with a beautiful performance in ‘Pehchaan’. The transition from a lively young girl, to a depressed married woman in her late 30s, is phenomenal. All the veterans are undoubtedly at their best and a proper margin of performance is given to them. The chemistry between Qavi Khan and Huma Nawab, and Sajida Syed and Mohammed Ahmed is engaging and even heartwarming.

Pehchaan: Verdict So Far

HUM TV’s ‘Pehchaan’ started off well last night with a powerful first episode that grips your attention, alongside strong performances and a typical, yet engaging storyline.


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