Danish Nawaz May Score a Ramadan Hat-Trick with Chand Tara

Chand Tara Cast

The trend of Ramadan special dramas is gaining momentum with each passing year. Every Ramadan, channels and production houses put their best foot forward to entertain viewers with feel-good and light-hearted shows. Some succeed, while some fail to impress. Director Danish Nawaz falls in the former category and is back again with Chand Tara.

Danish Nawaz has tasted back-to-back success with Chupke Chupke (2021) and Hum Tum (2022). Not to forget, with success comes the baggage of high expectations. It seems as if Nawaz is mindful of the pressure. We say this because when the promos of his new Ramadan venture Chand Tara came out, we could sense that he may complete a Ramadan hit hat-trick. Let’s analyze. 

Chand Tara Character Introduction & Premise

Viewers are right away introduced to the lead actors Sarim Gulzar aka Chand (Danish Taimoor) and Naintara aka Tara (Ayeza Khan). Hailing from entirely different worlds the two are head over heels in love with each other. Tara is a medical student and the only child of her strict mother Dr. Raziya (Saba Faisal). She is the victim of loneliness as her parents separated due to their difference of opinion towards living in a joint family system. On the contrary, Chand is a software engineer and lives in a joint family Chand Nagar.  

Dear readers be patient as it is a big family to be introduced. Chand’s father Gulzar (Rehan Sheikh) is the CEO of Babu Wedding Bells. The family business is operated by his younger brothers Saleem (Adnan Jaffer) and Mateen aka Macho (Danish Nawaz). They look after the catering and music band respectively.

Savera (Ghazal Siddiqui) is Saleem’s wife and their son Hashim (Ashir Wajahat) is a Tik Toker. Mehnaz (Madiha Iftikhar) is Macho’s wife, she’s a beautician and has two children Pinky and Dollar. Chand’s sister Shumaila aka Mala (Romaisa Khan) is an aspiring basketball player.

The major hurdle in Chand and Tara’s love story is Dr. Raziya who isn’t willing to marry her daughter in a joint family.

What’s Different?

Chand Tara delivers on numerous accounts. Saima Akram Chaudhry has delivered a gripping script that keeps viewers hooked. The well-written characters on paper are smartly executed on screen too. However, we would have liked to watch the back story of Chand Tara’s love story in detail, to have a better understanding of their relationship. 

Barring a couple (the cuss word abbreviation and adult jokes) the humor in the dialogues isn’t forced and the situations are entertaining. Chaudhry also addresses an important issue like the rishta parade that girls have to face to find the perfect match. The scene where Chand takes a stand for Mala to stop ridiculing her and let her pursue a sports career is commendable. In another scene where Tara schools her fellow doctor about her on-duty negligence is praise worthy.

Director Danish Nawaz is a pro in handling Ramadan content with elan and he continues his good form. From scene one, he wastes no time and the story progresses. He doesn’t treat viewers with forced tracks and focuses solely on his characters. There is so much happening in Chand Nagar that one gets fully invested. The entire sequence when Dr. Raziya arrives at Chand Nagar is hilarious and well-shot. 

The Performances in Chand Tara

The pairing of real-life couple Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan is perhaps the show-stopper. The casting works big time as the chemistry between the two is organic and effortless. Their energy, body language and dialogue delivery are on point. How they react when caught together by Dr. Raziya is a testimony of their great acting chops. Ayeza switches tracks like a shape shifter, she’s a lonely girl at Tara house, and a ball of energy with Chand.

The supporting cast does well too. Danish Nawaz excels in the acting department as well and brings the house down in several scenes. Saba Faisal has a crucial part and she stands out with her characterization. The dependable Rehan Sheikh is quirky and contributes to the fun quotient.

Romaisa Khan has a fleshed-out character and delivers a fine act. Post Pinjra, Aashir Wajahat continues to impress, the young lad is working on his craft and it shows. Adnan Jaffer is a bit loud and goes overboard with his character. Ghazal Siddiqui and Madiha Iftikhar are okay. The child actors who play Macho’s children are adorable.

Verdict So far

Chand Tara has had a roaring start and is the serial to watch this Ramadan. Viewers watch excitedly as the different worlds of Chand and Tara collide to create a constellation worthy of the stars. Will Danish Nawaz score a Ramadan Hat-Trick with Chand Tara? We’ve got our hopes pinned on it.


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