Is Podcaster Nadir Ali Encouraging Hateful Comments for Viral Fame?

Nadir Ali with podcast guests

In the world of entertainment, controversy sells. It garners attention and earns more views, clicks, and shares. Pakistani podcaster Nadir Ali knows this all too well, and he has built a career out of deliberately stirring up trouble on his show.

While Nadir rose to fame with viral prank videos, he has entered the world of podcasting and is approaching otherwise controversial topics with distasteful humor.

Nadir Ali’s Problematic Episodes

Nadir Ali recently invited Pakistani politician Nabeel Gabol on his show, who made derogatory remarks about women and spoke in a racist manner about Urdu-speaking Pakistani population.

While Nabeel’s comments have rightfully drawn widespread condemnation, Nadir Ali’s role in encouraging his guests to make sensational and often harmful comments for the sake of virality has gone largely unnoticed.

In two different clips, Nadir can be first seen sharing contact details of viral dance sensation Ayesha, and replying with acclamations of ‘haye haye’ when Gabol shared narratives of abducting girls he liked.

In another recent episode featuring cricketer Sohail Khan, Nadir Ali can be seen goading him into speaking ill of Virat Kohli and sharing explicit details of an on-field exchange. This repeated pattern of behavior is not only harmful but also irresponsible.

In the same breath, there were also a few controversial views shared in an episode with Behroze Sabwari. Sabzwari questioned the attire women wear on bikes, and Nadir quipped in to mention they were ‘see-through’ and ‘tight’, giving a sexual touch to the conversation.

While guests should be held accountable, it’s equally important to hold Nadir Ali accountable for his role in promoting and encouraging such harmful and derogatory remarks.

Nadir Ali is an Amplified Version of Nida Yasir

Nadir Ali’s behavior is loosely reminiscent of another Pakistani television host, Nida Yasir, who also capitalizes on the virality of her guests. However, while Nida Yasir is a thorough professional who maintains decorum and respect on her show, Nadir Ali’s approach is more dangerous.

He not only encourages his guests to make distasteful comments but then shares those clips for viral fame. This behavior is not only harmful but can have real-world consequences for the individuals and communities targeted by such comments.

Similar Trends Across Podcasts

It’s not just Nadir Ali but a growing trend among some podcasters to invite controversial guests and provoke them into making outrageous comments that go viral. They have nothing of substance to contribute to the conversation but instead try to make themselves relevant by cashing in on their guests’ notoriety.

Nadir Ali’s latest episode with Nabeel Gabol is a prime example of this. By inviting a controversial politician on his show and then encouraging him to make sexist and racist comments, Nadir Ali has not only disrespected his audience but also the wider community.

His attempts to make provocative comments about women and Indians only further highlight his lack of understanding of what is acceptable and respectful discourse.

Our Thoughts

It is high time that celebrities and stars alike steer clear of such podcasts that do nothing but fuel hatred and controversy. Nadir Ali and others like him should not be given a platform to spew their toxic rhetoric.

It’s also time for us to demand more from our content creators and expect them to contribute meaningfully to the dialogue and conversation rather than cash in on controversy.


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