Here’s Why Indian Fans Can’t Watch ‘Kabli Pulao’ on YouTube

Kabli Pulao

Helmed by the maestro Kashif Nisar and penned by Zafar Mairaj, Kabli Pulao is a work of art that has impressed audiences from both sides of the border. The drama soared to the limelight even before its release, thanks largely to its soulful OST, sung by the celebrated Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

However, the recent buzz surrounding the drama isn’t about its exceptional content – it concerns its unavailability for Indian fans on YouTube.

Zee 5 Acquires Rights For ‘Kabli Pulao’

In a significant turn of events, Zee 5, India’s premier streaming platform, announced its acquisition of exclusive rights to ‘Kabli Pulao,’ thereby implying the highly watched drama is no longer available on Indian YouTube. This move has cleared the air for the confused Indian viewers wondering about the missing episodes on the popular video platform.

Casting some of the renowned artists of the Pakistani drama industry such as Sabeena Farooq, Mohammed Ehteshamuddin, Nadia Afgan, Saqib Sameer, and Adnan Shah Tipu, ‘Kabli Pulao’ has shown immense potential on YouTube and social media platforms.

Nadia Afgan, who essays the role of Shamim in ‘Kabli Pulao’, confirmed the news through her Instagram account, throwing further light on the topic.

What Does This Mean for Pakistani Dramas?

This development not only spells out the trajectory of ‘Kabli Pulao’ but also opens a new page in the Indo-Pak entertainment equation. Pakistani dramas are famous for their intricate storytelling, character development, and realistic themes. The acquisition deal inked by Zee 5 and Green Entertainment suggests that the potential of Pakistani content is well recognized and is gaining its rightfully deserved market in India.

While Pakistani content has aired before on Indian channels, Netflix, and Indian YT, this is the first time that the rights for an ongoing drama have been purchased by an Indian digital distributor. What’s to think that this becomes the norm and rather than being released on YouTube many other Pakistani dramas are also distributed through digital vendors?

Paving The Way for Future Collaborations

The evident influence of Pakistani dramas in India can potentially pave the way for future collaborations and cross-border storytelling that could revolutionize the drama industry on both sides. As Zee 5 sets a precedent with its acquisition of Kabli Pulao, other content producers will undoubtedly reconsider their distribution strategies.

In a world overshadowed with discord, such collaborations offer glimmers of shared history and a seamless amalgamation of entertainment structures. It seems content knows no boundaries, and certainly, the entertainment-hungry audience on either side wouldn’t mind.


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