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The #MeToo Movement: Hit or Miss in Pakistan?

Actress Faryal Mehmood recently shed light on the significant transformation in the attitudes and behaviors of Pakistani male actors following the global #MeToo movement....

Pakistani Celebrities And The Trials Of Social Media

In today's fast-paced world, anything and everything digital is immortalized. Pictures, videos, quotes all seem to live forever in the internet realm and the...

Here’s Why Ms Marvel Is Essential For Pakistani Representation

Ms Marvel is taking over the internet for numerous reasons, with a polarizing discourse storming the digital sphere. However, it is imperative to note...
Naveed Nashad

Here’s why composers and writers deserve more credit for their work

The Pakistani drama industry may have seen its ups and downs but one thing that has remained consistent is the melodious original soundtracks (OSTs)....

Farhan Saeed Speaking Up About Privacy Initiates Larger Discussion

Recently, Farhan Saeed came forth with a statement regarding the numerous rumors and news pieces surrounding him and Urwa Hocane. The couple, that had...
Kaifi Khalil collage

The Success Story Behind Kaifi Khalil’s Kahani Suno

How do we define a great song? This is a question that all music lovers often ask; is it virality? Is it YouTube and...

If you are an ‘Avengers’ fan, should you watch it in 2D or 3D?

By Shaan Lashari*One of the biggest superhero movies in the history of super-hero movies - Avengers: Endgame - is coming out in 2 days,...
Bilal ashraf

Is Bilal Ashraf Pakistan’s Answer To Keanu Reeves?

Bilal Ashraf has been rather selective about the movies he picks up, however, the budding star has had an impressive run with quite a...

Actors who impressed us with their performance last week

Another week, another string of excellent performances by our actors in dramas. At this point, it has been well established that Pakistan doesn’t have...

Style File: Topknots come to Lollywood, and we can’t just stop loving them!

It is definitely 'the red carpet look' of the season. Yes, the 'topknots!' We have all known about and loved the 'man bun' on guys,...