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Ghana Ali speaks the truth about her cosmetic surgery and weight loss but is...

Celebrities having their opinions and the people having opinions about those opinions is just the way social media functions. In the past few days,...

‘Azmaish’ Concludes Without Any Twists Or Surprises

Pakistani dramas have always been extolled for their distinct topics and purposive stories. However, in present times, various drama serials project meaningless content without...
Pakistani dramas

Pakistani Dramas Have Been Critical To Cinema’s Revival: We Explain How

The Pakistani television serial industry is probably the most influential entertainment-related entity under the broader umbrella of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Not only has...

Is The New Zara Shahjahan Shoot A Blatant Ripoff Of ‘A Suitable Boy’?

Ever since the official social media handles of the designer brand, Zara Shahjahan, posted a back shot of two people in extravagant outfits sitting...

Are Hamza Ali Abbasi’s scruples creating trouble for “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani”?

If Meera is known as the queen of controversies then Hamza Ali Abbasi should be declared the king of "social media" controversies. We usually...