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Is ‘Baaji’ reviving Lollywood’s golden era’s classics through its music album?

Saqib Malik's Meera-Amna Ilyas starer Baaji is this year's one of the most anticipated films. With its release date approaching (that'd be 28th of June),...
Mohsin Abbas Haider

Why Is Mohsin Abbas Haider Missing From The Promotions Of ‘Baddua’?

Remember the time when Mahira Khan starred opposite Shahrukh Khan in 'Raees' but we didn't get to see her in any sort of promotion...

The OsMaya Fandom: 8 Years And Going Strong

OsMaya is not an unknown word for fans of Pakistani dramas. The fans fell for the palpable chemistry shared by Osman Khalid Butt and...

Alizeh Shah: A Beacon of Talent in Need of Serious Rehabilitation

Alizeh Shah has quickly become a household name in Pakistan's thriving entertainment scene. With her first major breakthrough as Dua in the hit TV...

Here’s why these legendary actresses deserve more credit than they are given

Pakistani dramas, regardless of their genres or quality of content, have a few fundamental aspects in common. It can be observed that in the majority...

Music Review: Balu Mahi’s soundtrack has everything for everyone!

Ever heard of a movie with deadly songs combo? Balu Mahi's soundtrack has everything. You name it.Directed by Haissam Hassan and produced by Sadia Jabbar,...

Pakistani movies need to move on from action, romance, and comedy genres

Ever since its inception, Pakistani cinema has mostly been known for movies in the action, romance, and comedy genre. Be it classics like Maula...
Eman and Nabila Fight

Nabila’s classist comment leads to an Instagram feud with Eman Suleman

Social media trolling is quite a norm these days, where “Insta followers” think it’s their birth right to leave nasty comments below anything posted...

Quit the Drag, Bring the Swag: Why Pakistani Drama Producers Need to Stop Dragging...

It is a frequent occurrence that our dramas have fallen victim to dragged plots and extended number of episodes for generating more revenue. Pakistani...
Danish Taimoor as Shamsher

Shamsher Is Not A Hero: Glamorizing The Misogny And Abuse

There has been a wave of Pakistani dramas with problematic male leads for a few years now. Through romantic dialogues and compelling visuals, they...