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Read the reviews of Pakistani movies by the critics/reviewers of Galaxy Lollywood.

Mayi Ri Addresses Child Marriage Wrapped In a Compelling Storyline

ARY Digital’s new venture and Big Bang Entertainment’s production, Mayi Ri presents a compelling narrative for the masses with a social commentary on child...
Gumm review

Gumm (Review): A cheap imitation

Movie Name: GummRelease Date: January 11, 2019Director: Ammar Lasani and Kanza ZiaReview by: Momin Ali MunshiWe know this review comes out a bit late,...

Chain Aye Na (Review): The unofficial ‘Beqarar’ remake is an okay watch!

Movie Name: Chain Aye NaRelease Date: August 11, 2017Director: Syed NoorReview by: Momin Ali Munshi Chain Aye Na - So much has been written and said about this...

Lamha (Seedlings) Review: It is a simple film with a big heart says ...

Seedlings played on emotions and that truly was its strength. It may have two of the most commercially successful stars of the television industry, but by no means was Seedlings your average masala film. It was a simple film with a big heart. (Read More)

Spooky Yet Elegant: Gulabo Rani Is An Usman Mukhtar Masterclass

Gulabo Rani is a spine-tingling Pakistani horror thriller featuring a young cast that does a spectacular job of portraying fear around the age-old tropes...

Bol Review by Galaxy Lollywood

“BOL” The review by Galaxy Lollywood Movie Name: BolRelease Date: 24th June 2011Director: Shoaib Mansoor“BOL” needs no introduction for sure, from the very first shot of...

7 Din Mohabbat In (Review): A stale fairy tale

Movie Name: 7 Din Mohabbat InRelease Date: June 16, 2018Director: Farjad Nabi and Meenu GaurReview by: Momin Ali MunshiEver since its release this Eid, 7...

Zinda Bhaag (Review): Fil-lum set aay, Fil-lum hit aay and it might just win...

The directors did not spoon feed the conclusion rather ended it on an impactful note, leaving the cinemagoer to think about the seriousness of the situation. All in all this is one film you should not miss! (Read More)

Hook Final Episode Promised Little and Delivered Even Less

The drama serial "Hook," presented by Ary Digital and produced by iDream Entertainment, concluded with its final episode, and it seems to have left...

Heer Maan Ja (Review): Another Fall For IRK Films

Film: Heer Maan JaRelease Date: 12th August 2019Director: Azfar JafriReview By: Hassan HassanDespite Heer Maan Ja being a smaller film in its magnitude and...