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Read the reviews of Pakistani movies by the critics/reviewers of Galaxy Lollywood.

Chambaili- Quite literally the “game changer”, Momin Ali reviews

Chambaili in this regards decided on a date for its release, ran a successful marketing campaign (which most films do not) and released on its due date. This efficiency has left quite an impression on me and speaks volume about the film as a whole. Not only was it Pakistan’s first on time release but the film also broke quite a few other myths. (Read More)

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani ( Review): This laugh out loud riot is the definition...

Movie Name: Jawani Phir Nahi AniRelease Date: September 25, 2015Director: Nadeem BaigReview by: Momin Ali MunshiThey say actions speak louder than words and this statement could not be...

Baaji (Review): A colorfully brilliant yet dark portrayal of Lollywood’s forgotten cinematic heritage

Movie Name: Baaji Release Date: June 28, 2019Director: Saqib Malik  Review by: Hassan Hassan Just a night before the release of one of the 2019's most anticipated...

Serial Killer: Saba Qamar’s Desi Murder Mystery Concludes, Leaving Us Wanting More

Green Entertainment's 'Serial Killer' proved to be a riveting and immersive series, skillfully engaging all the senses and delivering a compelling suspense-thriller. Its remarkable...

Lamha (Seedlings) Review: It is a simple film with a big heart says ...

Seedlings played on emotions and that truly was its strength. It may have two of the most commercially successful stars of the television industry, but by no means was Seedlings your average masala film. It was a simple film with a big heart. (Read More)

Dobara Phir Se (Review): A refreshing love story breaking the stereotypes

Movie Name: Dobara Phir SeRelease Date: Nov 25, 2016Director: Mehreen JabbarReview by: Zeeshan MahmoodMehreen Jabbar returns to the cinema after taking the sabbatical of...

Pari (Review): Anything but a horror film

Movie Name: PariRelease Date: February 2, 2018Director: Syed Atif AliReview by: Momina MindeelWhen Pari’s trailer was released last year, Pakistani publications could not stop gushing over what...

‘Tumharey Husn Kay Naam’ Leaves A Lasting Impression With Love, Sacrifices And Multifaceted Characters

In a spellbinding last episode, 'Tumharey Husn Kay Naam' concluded as Salma and Sikander tied the knot, leaving the audience elated. The last episode...
Pinky Memsaab Review

Pinky Memsaab (Review): Organic, honest, but marred by sloppy writing

Movie Name: Pinky MemsaabRelease Date: December 07, 2018Director: Shazia Ali KhanReview by: Hassan AnjumIn an era where the local film industry is going through a transitional phase,...

Blended With Emotions: “Shanaas” Captivates Audience in First Episode

The first episode of Green Entertainment's drama series 'Shanaas' aired yesterday. As shown by the posters and teasers, viewers already had insights on Hajra...