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Galaxy Lollywood Awards 2016 (Winners)

The second edition of Galaxy Lollywood Awards (GALA) ran for 18 days giving people a chance to vote for their favorites from the year...

Galaxy Lollywood Awards 2016 (Nominations)

Comedy, Romance, drama and even animation, the year 2015 added so much more to the budding film industry of the country.Time to recognise that...

The ultimate guide to Pakistani films expected to release in 2016

For last several months we have been hearing about new film projects one after the other, showering like meteors from the sky at midnight.So,...

The Top 5 High Grossing Films of 2015

2015 was a high-flying year for the local cinema as 14 Urdu feature films released this year. We did not only see a significant...

The Top 5 Debuting Actresses of 2015

2015 was the year of debuts, as we saw many new faces appearing both behind and in front of the camera.This year many talented...

The Top 5 Debuting Actors of 2015

2015 was the year of debuts, as we saw many new faces appearing both behind and in front of the camera.Many young and talented...

Galaxy Lollywood Awards – 2015 (Voting is ON)

There are sixteen categories, and you will be selecting one name - the best in your opinion among them, in all those sixteen heads. This way at the end of the voting you would have helped us getting a pulse of public opinion of where you, as a viewer, thought a particular film lacked and where it stood out among others, thus a complete winner out of all six.

Find Your Favorite Stars on Social Media

Social media has made it much easier to get sneak peeks of the spotlight and the personal lives of stars that rule our heart,...

Ahmed Sarym: Can do…doing it!

The eleven year old, Islamabad based Ahmed Sarym is a passionate young fellow who wants to play his share of role in the promotion of Pakistan's showbiz world and lives within so that the country's soft image can be put in light too.


Lollywood’s  sole online magazine 'Pakistan Insight Entertainment' (PIE) just released its eleventh issue. Galaxy Lollywood could not update on the tenth issue of the...