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What ‘Daraar’ Teaches Us About Unfaithful Partners

Cheating has become a common act in the current world. In a monogamous relationship, seeking out multiple partners is considered a disrespectful stab behind...

An Outlook Into 5 The Parenting Lessons Offered In ‘Pinjra’

 ARY Digital's drama ‘Pinjra; is a heartbreaking tale of child abuse and neglect. It's a story that offers multiple lessons to parents by showing...
Kaifi Khalil collage

The Success Story Behind Kaifi Khalil’s Kahani Suno

How do we define a great song? This is a question that all music lovers often ask; is it virality? Is it YouTube and...

Stuck in Love and Bound by Values; Murtasim Khan Impresses Viewers

“Murtasim Khan” from Tere Bin is a phenomenon. The name itself is enough to give goosebumps to ladies today. Heartthrob; dream guy and not...

Pakistan’s Rising Stars: The Young Male Actors Taking the Industry by Storm

In a land brimming with talent, Pakistan's entertainment industry has seen a surge of young male actors who are not only dashing but also...