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90s films remakes

5 films from the 90s that have potential to be great remakes

The French writer, Georges Polti, writes in one of his publications that there are only as many as thirty-six types of dramatic plots out...
winter wardrobes female celebrities

5 winter wardrobes of our female celebrities we so want to steal

Cold is in the air, winter is progressing, and it is becoming exceedingly difficult to get out of the bed and dress up! But...
Rangeela Pakistani actor

Born Today: Pakistani cinema’s first feminist and comedy icon, Rangeela

Starting as a film billboard painter, he starred in more than three-hundred films in a career spanned over four decades. Today marks his 91st...
Sajid Hassan Kaaf Kangana

Freaking News: Sajid Hassan replaces Saba Hamid for the mother’s role in ‘Kaaf Kangana’

Ever since the seasoned playwright, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar announced his directorial debut, Kaaf Kangana, he has been in deep water over assembling its cast. This has...
winter wardrobes male celebrities

5 winter wardrobes of our male celebrities we so want to steal

As the new year came, along came the colder weather. But hey, we still need to get up, get dressed and do things, right?...

Is “Aangan” sinking under the burden of its hype and HUM’s policies?

All that glitters is not gold. HUM TV’s magnum opus drama serial, Aangan has been a victim of supreme overconfidence. The period drama created quite...
Pakistan film camps

The camps in Pakistan film industry and film industry in camps

There is no denying the fact that almost all film industries have certain camps and groups in them. If Christopher Nolan won't make a...
Pakistani celebrities depression

5 Pakistani celebrities who opened up about struggles with depression

It is a common misconception that since celebrities lead a life laced with glitz and glamor, they are always happy and satisfied with that life....
filmmakers acting

6 filmmakers who should get in front of the camera right away

Every other day, we see actors switching their roles to writing, directing, and even producing. If examples have to be our own and recent,...
Hollywood Bollywood Pakistan stereotyping

8 ways Hollywood & Bollywood stereotype the “miserable” life in Pakistan

I was once talking to one of the co-producers of Shoaib Mansoor’s 2017 rape survivor film, Verna. Our conversation was more of a complaint...