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Celebrities Showing Up For Social Causes Sends Out A Positive Message

It is not every day that we see stars showing up on the streets in the city to show their support towards social causes....
Actor Roles

12 Desirable Roles That These Actors Wished They Had Done!

Actors are both praised and criticized on the basis of the characters that they play or inherit. Moreover, the main reason behind their fame...

Then And Now: Debut Projects That Launched These Leading Heroes

It is no secret that generally in all the entertainment industries around the world, male actors have a longer shelf life. The Pakistani entertainment...
Parizaad and Laapata

‘Parizaad’ & ‘Laapata’ Tackle Social Issues And We’re All For It

Television dramas are an excellent medium for creating awareness among the masses. Dejectedly, the contemporary TRP race has indulged the creators to spice up...
mental health issues

The Mental Health Crisis: Are Dramas & Films Showing It Right?

Today, television and film are considered important tools for addressing taboo subjects and disseminating important information related to them. This is true especially for...

Lollywood’s online magazine PIE Issue Four is out now

Lollywood's sole online magazine Pakistan Insight Entertainment (PIE) just released its fourth issue.Here is the link. The magazine is  in collaboration with Galaxy Lollywood.http://issuu.com/ce.pie/docs/pie_edition_4/1Here...

2020 In Review: FTW And WTF Moments From The Year!

Ah, 2020. What a year it has been. The global pandemic by the name of COVID-19 had the entire world by its clutches. Life...

Everything That Happened At The Dum Mastam Trailer Launch

Red carpets are always exhilarating. Inundated with the comings and goings of monumental names in the industry, such was the case on 24th February,...

Mohsin Abbas Haider And Shyraa Roy Go ‘Kamli’ With Their Collaboration

In Pakistan, music collaborations have always worked wonders. Back when the Pakistani pop music scene was alive and thriving, collaborations between different musicians were...
Dramas with the same storyline

Extramarital Affairs & Divorces: These 8 Dramas Are Narrating The Same Story

Pakistani dramas are mostly applauded for their diverse and distinct stories, however, few dramas appear to have similar storylines. Critics believe that few typical...