Love Mein Gum: Trailer Review by Momin Ali

I am super excited to be “quoted” in the last article of Galaxy Lollywood on Reema’s upcoming film Love Mein Gum. Furthermore as I seem to be one of the few people who have seen the theatrical trailer of the movie, I would like to give a critique on it.

The only Pakistani film trailers we have so far witnessed this year are of Bol and now of Love Mein Gum. First of all speaking about the Bol trailer I found it to be a little haphazard and quickly put together, it should have started from something slow like a roller-coaster and then should have gained speed and ending at a point leaving everyone hungry for more. The ending was really good but it overall looked like a random or reckless collection of scenes, but I am pretty sure and hopeful that the movie will be fantastic. Now let’s come to Love Mein Gum.

I was sitting in the cinema waiting for the Indian movie “Ready” to begin when suddenly out of nowhere the screen said “From the maker of Koi Tujh Sa Kahan“. Imagine my excitement and happiness when I saw this, I was literally jumping up and down. What followed for about the next minute was definitely one of the most anticipated visual treat for me. Finally waiting for about like forever I now saw the trailer of one of the most anticipated films this year, the locations were absolutely fabulous, and all the camera work and the quality is definitely worth praising. Furthermore I had somewhere read that the dresses of the film were by famous Pakistani fashion brand HSY so I was also looking quite forward to the clothes. One thing we all definitely agree is that Reema Khan surely does know how to dress up and carry herself, so that came as no surprise when Reema looked stunning in all the dresses. Though I cannot say the same about Moammar Rana, I don’t know why but the one thing stuck in my mind is the hideous “Kurta” of him and overall I didn’t find his clothes that impressive.

The newbie Nabeel, being a model looked fabulous and added quality to the film’s cast as he is quite a big thing in the young crowd which I believe is definitely necessary for releasing a film today. The new female model who originally belongs to Azerbaijan was hardly seen and I didn’t find her to be that beautiful.  Johnny Lever, Javaid Sheikh, Nadeem Baig, Ali Saleem were in their normal looks but definitely brought value to the film with their impressive acting. Though Ali Saleem and Johnny were both obviously for the comedy, Rambo, as seen in the leaked picture and shooting videos on internet was in the traditional Sikh look. Something which came as a surprise package was the presence of Gia Ali, I didn’t really know that she was a part of the film and so did not expect her in the promo.

Another thing going on in my mind was the Paulo Coelho connection with the film. The rumors had suggested that the film’s story was somewhat an adaptation of my favorite author Paulo Coelho’s famous book “Veronica decides to die”. Although I had not believed the rumour even earlier and the trailer confirmed my belief. The film was full of life and colors and so could not have been the story of “veronica decides to die” which I think was a pretty dark one. One definitely gets an idea of the films story by watching the trailer and so did I. As it was previously known that the genre was  romantic/ comedy, though I have a feeling that the comedy will fall flat but lets hope for the best.

The visuals and songs got me all confused to the story. Why? because Reema was seen romancing Nabeel and Moammar Rana both at the same time whereas I thought that Nabeel would be paired up with the new model Araida and Reema would be paired with Moammar Rana, furthermore Johnny Lever and Rambo were both gaga over Ali Saleem (aka Begum Nawazish) while Gia Ali was paired up with Javed Sheikh or Nadeem but I am not pretty sure. On the whole I guess it will be a  surprise element as to who’s with who when the film releases and that will be the suspense and would make the film intense. The two songs shown looked fun and have the potential to be hits. One was “Aila Aila Aila aay tere liyay chor zamana” which was picturised on Ali Saleem, Rambo and Johnny Lever. The other song “Kitni Haseen Hay Zindagi” which I guess was the title song when the film was named “Kitni Haseen Hay Zindagi” in past was picturised on Reema and Nabeel. Though one thing about Nabeel that I felt is that he lacks the screen presence as I thought him to be a back dancer and only on close attention I realized that he is the main hero dancing with Reema.

On the whole the promo looked promising and I believe the film will be as good as the promo. One thing that I do fear is that the sound didn’t seem quite fine; but I hope that this was just a technical error in the promo. Furthermore I hope that the film succeeds although it is now a little more difficult as compared to five years ago, not because of the Indian films or because of the conditions of the country but because of an another fact. Go back to the time when Koi Tujh Sa Kahan was released. NO Cinegold NO Cinestar NO DHA, only ‘Sozo World cinema’ and some other single screen cinemas were handling the industry.

What I am trying to say is that about five years back the film going crowd was generally different and also a bit “Desi”. Now with DHA and all this arrival of multiplexes in the industry, people who generally go watch movies are quite fake and pretentious, they have to talk with weird accents, discuss the new Gucci bags and make a point of “NEVER” liking or even talking about anything Pakistani so I am a bit worried about the film.

Last year we saw the release of Channa Sachi Muchi in Cinestar and Zilay Shah in DHA and both of them failed miserably. I quote a member of the management at Cinestar saying “Sir Pakistani film hay na toh crowd kam hay, tabhi isay subah lagaya hay aur ticket bhi kam price par hay but phir bhi response aap dekh lain, agar Urdu film hoti to shayad ziyada chalti”, this last point that “Urdu language film” is something that gives me hope for “Love Main Gum”, another factor that Saima is not a household name but Reema Khan is, although many might not acknowledge it but almost everyone does know who she is and that’s  something which goes in favor of the film too. Furthermore as I mentioned earlier that the presence of model Nabeel Khan adds similar value, many fashion fanatics and the young crowd can relate to him and know him. Therefore I pray to God that the film succeeds and turns out to be a blockbuster, I have no personal relation with Reema Khan but the success of this film means success of the Pakistani Film Industry and thus in a way the revival of Pakistani cinema.

Therefore I request you all to go see the film when it releases and hence support the efforts of Reema Khan. When the local film industry is left to nothing but a few crappy films and quality films have almost become extinct, Reema Khan has taken the initiative of trying to revive the Pakistani Film Industry.

Reema started these efforts with her first film “Koi Tujh Sa Kahan” which showed that Pakistan still has a lot of talent and also that hard work does pay off, now when times have gone from bad to worse, releasing a film is quite difficult, and chances of success are declining. What I would like for you all is to support the film and thus support the revival of the Pakistani Film Industry. You should all go see the film once when it releases.

The Writer Momin Ali is seventeen years of age and was previously the student of “International School Of Choueifat Lahore”, he is now going to join LUMS for his B.Sc degree. Apart from his interest in international cinema, he takes keen interest in the local cinema too and is also a great well wisher of its revival. Just for the sake of his love for Pakistani cinema he also created a fan page for this upcoming film of Reema, where you can get all the authentic details related to the film, join it by clicking here.

Note: The opinion(s) presented by the writer in the article do not necessarily depict the views and policies of Galaxy Lollywood as its written by a third person (not an official member of the site team) and thus we have named it as “Guest Writing”.


    • Excellent article. Like you we are all praying that inshallah both Bol and especially Reema’s “Love Mein Gum” do super hit business.

  1. Most Pakistanis seem fixated with Bollywood when unfortunately a lot of Indians have nothing but contempt fo all things “paki.” It is high time people in Pakistan have some self-respect and self-confidence and support their OWN people and their OWN movies.

  2. Love Me gum 1 international level ki film hai lekin is ka screen play jandar nahi hai agar reema khan is ka mood romance and tragidy se change kar k romance and comedy kar detin to bohot achcha hota. Cimentograpy k lehaz se ye film Pakistan and india ki chand Khoobsoorat films me shumar hoti hai. agar is film ko cinema sahi milte to ye bohot acha business karti.

    Khurram Junaid (Weekkly Nigar)


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