Meera is still engaged to Captain Naveed (May 2012) says Miss Lollywood.

Ufff tobah bechari Meera’s engagement is…. is…..  ab kya kahoon what is!
Haan it is as twisted as a rollercoaster. Did that make sense? No, khair Meera’s engagement dosent make sense either. Every day I tell you there is a new angle in this story. Kabhi pata chalta hay the Captain is already married, phir engagement ho jati hay, phir larkay ka baap out of nowhere aa kar states the obvious,phir toot jaati hay.  Finally the end of thse story is Meera is still enagaged and the (May 2012) ki date is added to  reassure our readers kay yay abhi ki baat hay.

Well the story goes kay  Naveed landed in Pakistan this friday and did a little  press conference and cleared that he is still engaged to Meera aur shaadi jald ho gi. Woh jo uncle jii was all over the news as Naveed’s father was apparently an imposter. Everything he said regarding the engagement ka tootna and the money issues and all was fake. The Attiq wala issue also does not make any difference to Naveed.

Ab soo baton ki ek baat Meera toh jaanti thi kay us kay susar(father -in- law) kaun hain so why didnt she speak up. Even recently coming in the morning show she showed no indication of her engagement being intact.Chalo we hope yeh joh Naveed aya hay yeh asal ho kahin yeh bhi koi hamshkal na ho ;). I wish Meera all the happiness and hope to see her married soon.

Till next time miss me.
XOXO  Miss Lollywood

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