The First week box-office collections for “The System” are out now.

“The System” which released last Friday has completed its first week at the box-office and the results are decent. The first week, which ended today, has made the film a total  of 2.9 crores (approx).

The film opened last friday to a positive response and the first weekend ended at 1.83 crores. Then Monday onwards , the film was rock steady and a 4 crore week  seemed to be fixed . Reportedly, some centers had Monday collections at par with and even higher than the Saturday figures! However the film suffered a major hit when conditions in Karachi deteriorated on Tuesday and cinemas all over Karachi got shut down. Here we would like to mention  that Karachi is the biggest market for films! Then Wednesday onwards the film tried to regain the momentum but people in Karachi were not keen to go to the cinemas! Hence the first week suffered a great deal due to the instability in the country.

Now two major films “Holiday” and “Maleficent” are releasing today and “The System” will have to compete with these two biggies. Lets hope that “The System” finds its marking and goes on to be a profitable venture for the producers.The film is reportedly made on a budget of 6 crore!

Best of Luck Team “The System”



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