(Guest Article) This new Sultanat promo is sleaziness personified says Myrah Nerine Butt!

We here at Galaxy Lollywood consider ourselves the “people’s website”. We love to interact with our readers and  get their feedback so we can make the site an even better experience for you all. It is due to this this interactive nature of the website that we always welcome our readers to share their opinions with us and if there is something publish-worthy we surely  give our respected readers a platform to voice out their opinions. In the past few years we have posted quite a few guest articles and here is another one. However we usually edit the article before publishing it but this one seems like it  would loose the charm and the feel if we even move a comma here and a full stop there. Thus presenting the very raw, and very brief, opinions of one of our readers. Enjoy!

This new Sultanat promo is sleaziness personified says Myrah Nerine Butt!

It is a belief that Satan is unleashed on Eid at the end of Ramadan. That really does seem the case because Sultanat is being released that day. Within the first few seconds of this promo  only, you will discover that this movie will have it all; sex, booze and violence.
This Indo-Pak venture shows similar shared cultural values, especially our gora complex. I mean a gori singing “yeh Jawani”, that’s the dream right.
Also, since it’s a joint venture, why not shoot it in … Dubai.
Oh and thankyou for ruining a Noor Jahan Classic by putting in scantily clad girls and sleazy dance moves. Thank you.
Also, the last time I remembered Shweta Tiwari played the role of a grandmother in “Kasauti Zindagi ki” and now she is dancing next to waterfalls.
On the plus side, Mona Lisa, now Sara Loren, looks absolutely stunning. She is definitely going to give the Indian actresses a run for their money. The overall camera quality looks good too.
The Conclusion is that we can do so much better. With Pakistan’s ability to bring forth powerful stories and India’s general prowess over quality of filming and acting there is so much potential for an epic production. Sultanat, it seems, will just disappoint you (unless of course you’re into girls shaking their bums unashamedly)


The Writer Myrah Nerine Butt is a recent graduate from the Lahore University of Management Sciences with a passion for anything “filmy”. She is a strong supporter of the local cinema and has an unwavering faith that the Pakistani Cinema will soon regain all its lost glory.


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