Box Office Updates (Live) 1st Week collections are out; Operation-021 and Na Maloom Afraad both score big numbers! (Galaxy Lollywood Exclusive)

by Momin Ali Munshi/ Hasnat Afridi

The whole film trade was super excited for Eid-ul-Azha as two big Pakistani films “021” and “Na Maloom Afraad” were releasing alongside the  pre-Eid release Bollywood  flick ‘Bang Bang’.

021 features Shaan Shahid , who is known as the money spinning star at the Box-Office. Naturally, it was bound to get a good advance booking coupled with a decent opening at the box-office. But speculations were rife that the  Bollywood biggie ‘Bang Bang’ will give tough competition to it at the box office. As for Na Maloom Afraad the trailers generated quite some buzz as well and the film was expected to put in decent box office numbers. We shall be updating you live with all the box-office updates :-


13th October

1st Week collections are out; Operation-021 and Na Maloom Afraad both score big numbers!


The first week for both the films, which released on Monday, ended yesterday i.e Sunday and hence the first week collections can now be stated.  Both the films have had a fantastic run at the box-office and have scored in big first week numbers. Operation-021 had a first week of about 4.20 crores whereas Na Maloom Afraad had a first week of about 4.05 crores. Here it is noteworthy that NMA which started of with far lower collections as compared to 021 has caught up with the biggie and now is almost touching its figures. If everything goes well NMA will overtake 021 and emerge as the box-office leader. Here is the approximated day wise breakup for both the films. Keep checking back Galaxy Lollywood for more  Exclusive updates:-  ( All figures in crores)


Day                            Operation-021                  Na Maloom Afraad

  •  Monday                 .59                                            .45
  • Tuesday                 .79                                            .60
  • Wednesday           .75                                            .70
  • Thursday               .48                                             .45
  • Friday                      .51                                            . 55
  • Saturday                 .53                                             .60
  • Sunday                    .55                                              .70
  • TOTAL                 4.20  crores                    4.05 crores



9th October

3rd Day: Na Maloom Afraad growing steadily while Operation 021 still leading

The three day Eid festivities are over and both the films have packed a solid punch at the box office. Operation 021 made 75 lakhs on Wednesday, which  takes its three day total to 2.13 crores, and gives it the first position. However not far behind is Na Maloom Afraad which made a whooping 70 lakhs on the third day taking the three day total to 1.75 crores.

Something interesting to be noted is that Na Maloom Afraad’s box office has been steadily growing for the past three days. It opened up with about 45 lakhs, then made 60 lakhs on the second day and now the third day collections are 70 lakhs. This can surely be attributed to the positive word of mouth which has translated in this healthy growth. Lets see how it fares on the fourth day.

As for Operation 021 the film is steady as well. It started of with 59 lakhs, then made 79 lakhs on the  second day and the third day saw a  little fall and the film made 75 lakhs.

1. Operation 021 :                      59 lakhs( Day 1) + 79 lakhs (Day 2) + 75 lakhs (Day3)= 2.13 crores

2.Na Maloom Afraad:                  45 lakhs (Day1) +  60 lakhs (Day 2) + 70 lkhs (Day3)=1.75 crores


8th October Eid Day 3

7pm:  2nd day Updates : Shaan Shahid’s 021 emerges as the leader; NMA not far behind; Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang gets completely banged

The second day figures for the films are out and reveal that Shaan Shahid’s Operation 021 is the clear winner with a box office of about 80 lakhs (this takes the two day total to 1.39 crores). As for Na Maloom Afraad, the film made a strong collection of 60 lakhs on the second day (this takes the two day total to 1.05 crores). As for Bang Bang well the film made approximately 20 lakhs on the second day of Eid which is its 6th day at the box office (similar to what it made on the first day of Eid). These numbers make it pretty clear that the Pakistani audiences want to see more of their own  films as compared to the foreign exports. Way to go Lollywood! For more updates  keep checking Galaxy Lollywood .

1. Operation 021 :                         59 lakhs( Day 1) + 79 lakhs (Day 2) =1.38 crore

2.Na Maloom Afraad:                  45 lakhs (Day1) +  60 lakhs (Day 2) =1.05 crore

Note: A leading daily has claimed that the film Bang Bang has made 7.5 million on its  5th Day at the Box-Office i.e 1st Day of Eid.  Here we would like to mention that the film Bang Bang was released in Pakistan on Thursday without much competition and had almost all the screens and showtimes reserved for itself which resulted in a 76 lakhs first day. The film then had a solo run at the box office for the next three days and till Sunday the film made 3.25 crores. However on Monday when Operation 021 and Na Maloom Afraad were to open up , Bang Bang had to give away a huge ( read super HUGE) chunk of its screen space to both the local films and was left with only about 15-20% of the original screen space. So when on Monday the film competed with the two local releases it made about 20 lakhs ( which is pretty decent given the fact that the film was already running undisputed for the last four days and today had only a few shows). However a leading daily claimed that the film made 75 lakhs again on its fifth day and beat all the local films. Anyone with some basic box office knowledge knows that a film that made 75 lakhs on its opening day will not make 75 lakhs again on its fifth day specially a film  with way lesser screen space.

All we will say to our readers here is  that you have been told the facts  and now its up to you to decide for yourself who is right…

7th October Eid Day 2

10 pm : 1st Day Exact Collections, 59 lakhs for 021 and for 45 lakhs for NMA

We just  want to clarify that the 95 lakhs collections of 021 and 70 lakhs collections of Na Maloom Afraad which we mentioned in the last report were the accumulated collections i.e the collections of the first day  and the second day up to 5pm as reported to us by the sources. The first day collections in themselves are as follows:

1. Operation-021: Exactly 59 lakhs

2.Na Maloom Afraad: Exactly 45 lakhs

5pm:1st Day Collections are out and reveal 021 as the leader, NMA following closely, while Bang Bang is almost dead

As we predicted yesterday  in our report, 021 has emerged as the box office leader with  collections of approximately 90-95 lakhs while Na Maloom Afraad is closely following with  strong collections of approximately 70 lakhs. Bang Bang, the Bollywood film,  however is being completley ignored by the cinegoers and sources reveal that the cinema owners are soon going to update their schedules and give our Pakistani films all the showtimes. Also it is noteworthy that NMA which has relatively lesser well known faces as compared to 021 is giving the film quite the competition. In Karachi both the films are doing equally well but in the Punjab circuit and Islamabad 021 is leading the race. Second day early reports are pouring in and we will soon update you about these as well.

6th October Eid Day 1

10pm:021 is rocking Multiplexes and Single Screens Alike with an occupancy of 90%

Reports are coming in that Operation 021 is doing a blockbuster business at multiplex and single screens alike. While occupation at single screens is close to 80-85% the multiplexes all over Pakistan have an occupancy of  about 95-100%  Shows in all the major multiplexes are going house-full and the film has been whole heartedly embraced by the public. As for Na Maloom Afraad well  its doing great as well and we will share more reports real soon.

5pm: 021 ahead of Bang Bang and Na Maloom Afraad quite strong!!!

Early trends suggest that 021 has outshined ‘Bang Bang’. Public has preferred Shaan over Hrithik Roshan which is quite heart warming.Moreover, even ‘Na-Maloom Afraad’ has taken a decent start at the box office and will put in healthy numbers. However as its just the first day of Eid-ul-Azha and majority of the cinema going audience stays away from the cinemas due to the “qurbaani”  and its is post processing activities its all on the night and late-night shows which will help in painting a better picture.



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