The 5 Divas all set to make it big in Pakistan’s Film Scene

By: Ahmed Sarym

Final Editing: Aayan Mirza

Lads and ladies nowadays criticise there are no fresh faces in the Film Industry and that the old ones keep repeating, well guys that’s true to a great extent but not entirely.

There are new actors and actresses trying to make their presence felt in the industry and almost every recent release, or the ones that are to make it to cinemas in near future for that matter, have all their fair share of fresh faces in the offer.

These faces maybe new to the film industry, but have already made their fans go Awww and Wow, and so here I bring you five such female identities that are all set to completely blow your mind of! These actors have all got the necessary passion, the all vital talent and of course … What should I say? The ‘X FACTOR’!

This article features the 5 Divas and will be followed by the piece with 5 Hunks … Many may know them but many may be drooling over their beauty and talent after reading! There is no exact numbering as I think every name here carries it’s own merits. So sit back, relax and enjoy knowing the future of Pakistan film industry.

Rabia Butt:

Who is she? – Born in Lahore, Rabia got her early education from there and later on Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications. She is considered as one of Pakistan’s leading models and has won several awards!

She has appeared in many commercials and a music video of Chal Bulleya by Meekal Hassan Band! Butt has recently finished shooting Farouq Mengal’s Hijrat!

Why we totally adore her? – Rabia has her own attitude and style which not every other model has. The flawless beauty walks the ramp like a goddess and has no doubt got a gorgeous face! She is not only glamorous and graceful but seems also immensely versatile … Getting out of the glitz and glamour and working in a film based on love and war, is what I call versatility! Wishing Butt a very best of luck for all her modeling and acting projects, as well as her future plans!

Kübra Khan

Who is she? – Rabia Khan or better know as Kübra Khan is based in London. She did Motor-Sports Engineering and Specializing in Formula 1! Yes, Motor Sports Engineering, wow!

Khan was interested in modeling since her teens and than finally got picked by a well known agency in London! Kübra made her debut in Lollywood with Nabeel Qureshi’s blockbuster film, Na Maloom Afraad and got instant recognition and fame! Now she will be seen in a high budget Bollywood movie with Arshad Warsi called Welcome to Karachi and opposite Shaan Shahid in his  action-thriller Mission 5!

Khan is also part of a British film named, The Conversation.

Why we totally adore her? – With Kübra’s angelic looks how could we ever forget this new diva’s name??? Khan has that touch in her to become a personality, which could shine bright and stand out in a million. The dainty outsider is touted to be the next big thing! Seems her debut in the super hit Na Maloom Afraad has hit the bull’s eye and we are surely seeing a STAR in the making! Hope Khan manages to cross our expectations and becomes every director’s first choice!

Armeena Rana Khan

Who is she? – Khan is a Canadian-Pakistani based primarily in London and Dubai. Rana attended High School and College in Canada. She then moved to London and holds a degree in Business Administration, as well as a Diploma in Science!

She started her career in Pakistan as a model for Nishat Linen and then began her career as an actress with a few dramas and 2 Bollywood Films! Now the multi-talented diva will be seen in Hum’s first film, Bin Roye and Hassan Waqas Rana’s Yalghaar!

Why we totally adore her? – With a Pakistani father and an Irani mother, Armeena has a very vibrant and fresh look for our audience.

Her charisma is breathtaking and is, how should I put it … PERFECT for films! Ever since her hit drama serial ‘Muhabbat Ab Nahi Ho Gi’ alongside heartthrob, Ali Rehman Khan, Armeena has given many other top and new actresses sleepless nights! So do keep a look at what she’s up to …

Sabeeka Imam

Who is she? – Sabeeka was born in UK and studied in Saudi Arabia, Miami and Mumbai before settling back in London. She became a model in 2011 and after that has won many nominations and awards!

She had herself enrolled into Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares course in London which had hired tutors from RADA as well as well-known British directors and actors for teaching! Later Imam did a British-Indian collaborative film ‘7 Welcome To London’ and three other short British films! Now she will be seen in Shamoon Abbasi’s Gidh and Yasir Jaswal’s Jalaibee!

Why we totally adore her? – Half Kashmiri, half Indian, Imam has a face to die for! The bold and beautiful model and actress has the prospective of being every guy’s Dream Girl. The unblemished diva has been every top designer’s desire and I personally hope the same takes place with the filmmakers too!

Aleeze NasserAleeze Nasser

Who is she? – Life took Nasser to Dubai at the age of 3. She did her business degree from USA along with an acting degree from NYFA L.A!

Now Aleeze is enjoying her life as a supermodel in Dubai and has recently started acting! She will be seen in a few Dubai Film Industry and Hollywood collaborations as well as has a main character in Yalghaar and blockbuster film, Waar’s sequel!

Why we totally adore her? – Aleeze is a very fresh face and has a very sweet personality! Nasser definitely has the potential to make it big! Her looks are very different from others, making her a stand-out! Many may not know her but she is one heck of a beauty. Her presence always has a charm and is for sure an upcoming bomb for the industry! Her talent, cuteness, grace and of course the much needed ingredient ‘glamour’ are exactly what we are in need of!

That’s all for today folks, this article will be continued (as written above as well) with another article on five fresh and talented male actors. So stay tuned and keep yourself abreast with all the latest happenings in Pakistan’s film universe.

The writer Ahmad Sarym is twelve years old and runs online Showbiz Magazine named, Fizzzzz. Follow the magazine on Facebook here.



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