Fast & Furious 7 races all the way to the top at Pakistan’s Box-Office.

By Momin Ali Munshi

That Fast & Furious 7 would open to record sales in Pakistan  was a fact that everyone knew. Well the film was an established franchise, easily one of the biggest film franchises in the world, plus the real-life death of Paul Walker( one of the main characters in the film) was further going to add to #Furious7 mania as people would see the film to pay the late actor a tribute. But no one could have thought, even in their wildest dreams, that the film would open in Pakistan the way it has.

Here I would like to mention that its a well  known fact that Bollywood films connect better with the Pakistani audiences as compared to Hollywood or the local counterpart Lollywood films. Why? Well firstly there is  a language barrier, which though is being taken care of with Urdu dubbing, and Bollywood appeals much more to the massed and well Lollywood has not established its firm market as of yet.

So it should not come as a surprise when I mention that the biggest grosser at the local box-office is “Dhoom 3: (25cr) followed by  “PK” (23.5cr). It is interesting here to mention that Lollywood blockbuster “Waar” occupies the third place with a solid (23 cr) but “Waar” is a one hit wonder, which had a lot going in its favor, so it should not be used as a benchmark. Anyhow coming back to F&F7.

pk dhoom waar

Distributed by Footprint Entertainment that represents Universal and Paramount Studios in Pakistan, the seventh sequel of popular ‘Fast and Furious’  released here in Pakistan on the 3rd of April ( in sync with its International release) and from the very first day itself the film was working like magic and the numbers was unbelievable. It is worth mentioning here that the distributors of the film did not supply the film to Atrium and Centarus Cinemas of Pakistan

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The first towo days  only brought about4.5 crores and the first weeend took it further to 7.25 crores. The first week ended on 12.3 crores leaving behind “Dhoom 3” at 12 crores.  Continuing with this speed the film set more record in days to follow and now three weeks later the film has emerged not only as  the most successful Hollywood film at the Pakistani- box office but is all set to be the  most successfull film at the Pakistani Box-Office. Yes, the film which  has already  earned 22 crores(according to a press release)  is all set to become the biggest grosser at the local box-office.

Furthermore since there is no film releasing this week its very  likely that the film will cross the 25 crore barrier and will end up as the highest grosser at Pakistani Cinema. For more updates on this film and to see how it fares at the box-office keep following “Galaxy Lollywood”


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