Jami Mahmood’s second directorial venture “Moor” is all set to release this 14 August.

by Momin Ali Munshi

It was a short teaser that made its way to the internet a few years back, which first introduced the beautiful world of “Moor”. This teaser  became the talk of the town and generated much curiosity among the people who did not know whether “Moor” was a film, a music video or a drama. However this little clip had the viewers hooked to their seats while they were deeply emerged in the artistic picture that Jami had painted. Each shot seemed right out of a magic land and people were having a hard timing believing that it was Pakistan and not some foreign land where the shooting had taken place. Anticipation grew, but  like most Pakistani films Moor was not able to hit cinemas on its first decided release date and was subjected to postponements. However now, after some delays, the film is all set to take the cinegoers on a beautiful journey as it is  finally going to be hitting cinemas on this Independence Day.


A screenshot from the film.

Based on a true story, “Moor” is a joint venture between the “Azad Film Company” and “Mandviwalla Entertainment” and according to the makers will set new benchmarks for meaningful cinema. All these revelations were made at the recently held Press Conference. As per the makers this movie is all set to breathe life into the booming film industry of Pakistan through a compilation of picturesque beauty of Baluchistan, a compelling musical score arranged by Strings backed by captivating lyrics penned by Anwar Maqsood.

Jami expressed his enthusiasm for the movie by saying “Based on a true story, Moor is a tale filled with emotions bound to strike a chord with every cinema goer at some level. The plot of the movie speaks of corruption in a manner to provoke the masses to take individualistic measures to combat the social evils prevalent in our society.” Jami who always had a keen interest in projects which are of social consequence is cementing his ideology through this movie on a grander scale.

Hameed Sheikh is playing the leading role in this film and he mentioned how he was accidently cast while showing the work of other actors from Quetta in a British film called Kandahar Break. “Right when I made my entry in Kandahar Break, Jami paused. It’s every actor’s wish to see people watching his performance but Jami just looked at me and went into a different chain of thought, at the end of which he offered me the lead role in Moor,” he said. Earlier, Shabbir Rana was supposed to play this role but due to health conditions he had to back out and the role went to the talented Hameed Sheikh.

The leading lady Samiya Mumtaaz was asked about her seemingly similar roles in Moor and her last film,”Dukhtar” to which she  replied, “Peechay pahar hain and aur mai aik aurat hoon, us ke ilawa koi similarity nahi hai. (Apart from having mountains behind me, and being a woman, there’s no similarity between the two roles.)”

Nadeem Mandviwalla at the occasion commented “Moor will prove to be a milestone in the history of meaningful cinema. The trend of Pakistani cinema is evolving for the better and so is the audience, henceforth compelling everyone in the movie business to produce better work that can steer the audience back towards cinemas.”

The producer of the film also announced the launch of the website ( which can be visited at: www.moorthefilm.com) and this website will give its audience a feel of the movie and what they are to expect in the cinema.

The cast of the movie includes seasoned actors of the Pakistani performing arts fraternity such as Hameed Sheikh, Samiya Mumtaz, Shaz Khan, Abdul Qadir, Soniya Hussain, Ayaz Samoo and Eshita Mehboob. Significant contributions in terms of music and vocals for Moor have been created by artists like Javed Bashir, Strings and Meesha Shafi.The cinematography of Moor is bound to set it apart and will captivate its audience. Moreover the film has a deep social message that is explained through an intricate story line which depicts a profound construction of ‘what you reap is what you sow’ philosophy.

We are super excited for the film and cannot wait for it to hit cinemas. Are you excited for the film as well? Let us know in the comments section. Till then enjoy these pictures from the press event.




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