Wrong Number launches its music at Karachi’s Atrium Mall with much fanfare.

By Mohammad Ali Ansari

“Karachi never sleeps” this clichéd statement is no doubt true in its essence in describing the zealous Karachiites. The enthusiastic people of Karachi made the music launch of “Wrong Number” a huge success. Wrong Number- one of the most awaited movies of the year launched its music yesterday at the Atrium Mall Karachi with much fanfare. The night started off a little late but very well. The host Ahmed Godil gave an energetic welcome to the crowd. His energy could be seen being reciprocated by the crowd in their constant cheering and hooting. The event was taking place in the center of the ground floor but the audience covered all floors of the mall waiting desperately for the launch to start.

The crowd eagerly waited for the stars of the movie to arrive as Ahmed announced their names. The crowd and the host gave a very warm welcome to the guests as they entered. Danish Taimur, Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir, Janeeta and Danish Nawaz were there to promote the upcoming film. When asked to comment about the film Yasir Nawaz, the director of the film, said: “Very excited for the launch. Karachi walay hit karainge” to which the crowd reached the next level of excitement. Nida Yasir urged her morning show fans to watch the movie by welcoming the crowd with her famous “Good morning Pakistan” jingle. She sure knows how to engage her audience.

The stars of the movie described it as a mix of action, comedy and romance genres which everyone should go and watch with their family and friends. The film is to be released on Eid day; the producer tried to cash this by urging the crowd to have a good time on Eid by watching this movie. To everyone’s surprise entered the most senior actor of the film, a heartthrob of millions of Pakistani women – Javed Sheikh. He was soon joined by the voice of this film Nadeem Jaffery as the crowd enjoyed the film’s trailer. It was when the cast started distributing free giveaways – singed movie posters, t-shirts and CDs. However, the crowd got a bit carried away and made it difficult for the cast and the host to distribute the giveaways. The crowd broke the security barrier and came forward and started snatching the gifts. The host was persistent in requesting the cast to move back but the crowd wasn’t keen to move. Eventually, the mall’s security stepped in and pushed the people away. The cast gave the final words and was then escorted out of the mall.

The audience and the cast are both very excited for the movie’s release; let’s see how well it performs on the box office. Our best wishes with the cast and crew.

[In earlier version of the article the name of the host, Ahmed Godil, was mistakenly written incorrectly. We have corrected it as the host pointed it to us.]


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