Wrong Number Promotions: Hitting the bulls eye with the various activities and whats next for the team!!!

by  Momin Ali Munshi


In todays age and time marketing your film is one of the most important things to do before the film hits cinemas. With the many advancements in technology there have been so many new mediums for advertisement and there is so much of information to be processed by the consumer that to grab the attention of a viewer has become a task in itself. To stand out in this competitive world and to get ones product noticed is not as easy as it was maybe a decade back. Furthermore the growth of social media over the last few years has further complicated things as the rules of the social media are ever changing and everyone with internet access has the power of having their voice heard.

Whereas the international arena has caught on to this trend the local market is yet to follow. The fact that the percentage of the budget allocated to marketing has almost reached 50% for most movies is a testimony to the  importance of  marketing. However here in Pakistan, marketing and promotion seem to be foreign words for our industry-wallahs as nobody has been taking it much seriously for quite some time now. However with the emergence of this new wave of cinema and the influx of educated well informed people we see the trend changing. Na Maloom Afraad started this, Jalaibee took it a notch higher and now Wrong Number is taking marketing and promotions to another level. Here in this article we briefly talk about the various activities done by the team and also talk about whats next.

The official promotional campaign of the film started last month with a grand launch event where the media was invited and the trailer of the film along with two new songs were unveiled.


The event was a success as the entire media was there in its full glory to support the film. Selfie sticks, tshirts were gifted to the media as a token of appreciation and the event kick-started the promotion. Here are a few pictures from the event:-



The team then started its promotions by having a one on one session with select bloggers in Karachi. The event generated the right amount of buzz and got the internet world abuzz.


Then the team did various activities like visiting radio stations, selling the films tickets at various cinemas and all. However what set them apart during the promotion was how they took the corporate social responsibility route and visited an old age home and also visited Eidhi Sahab.


We talked to Samra Muslim of Walnut Communications who is doing the digital and Online PR for the film and asked her whats next for the team. She exclusively told Galaxy Lollywood that there are going to be lots of activities like mall visits, Eid shows and all. Moreover she also told us that yes the team will be coming to Lahore as well and will do some promotional activities here too. As for other cities like Islamabad,Faisalabad etc she says they are surely on the cards given they have enough time.

Well we would like to congratulate the ARY Marketing team and Samra Muslim for the phenomenal job they have been doing and hope that this serves as  starting point and all other film-makers take notice and start promoting their films too. We are super excited to see Wrong Number are you?


*Note: The music launch event took place yesterday and a separate article will be published about that.






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