Five Reasons why the film Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal should be on your watch list!

(Note: This is a guest post written by a twelve year old who is extremely passionate for Pakistani Cinema)

By: Ahmed Sarym
Final Editing: Momin Ali Munshi

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I am sure you have seen the first look teaser that was  shared online a few hours back and are already wondering when is this film coming and want to know more about it. Well do not worry for I am here to tell you all about it. Let me start by telling you that the film is all set to release this September and is sure to take the box-office by storm! Here are five reasons why this film should be on your watch list:-

5. It marks the debuts and comebacks of many:The brilliant TV actress Nimra Khan, the theatre and TV actor Essa Choudhry, son of the legendary Saba Faisal, Salmaan Faisal, supermodel  Rachel Gill, dancer and model Aamina Malik, singer and composerAhsan Najam, designer and actor,Waleed Zaidi are just a few names who have been given a chance to act in a film as grand as SKZ! Not only is the film giving an opportunity to these new emergents but it is also bringing back the old age Lollywood stars like Arbaaz Khan, Afzal Khan, Tanvir Malik, Jia Ali, Noor Bukhari and the ultimate superstar, Mommar Rana!

4. For the first time in the history of Pakistani cinema Shafqat Cheema will play a positive role: From Chooriyan to Main Hoon Shahid Afridi! There is no positive role that the legend Shafqat Cheema has ever portrayed and this movie is all set to mark history in the cinema of Pakistan! He will be seen in a supporting character, as a side kick to the incredibly handsome model and actor who also happens to be one of the leads of the film, Sohail Sameer!

3. Aamina Malik:  Though this beauty still has to make a name for herself, SKZ will do wonders for her! This model turned actress is doing a sizzling  club sequence in the movie with Jaleel Mirza. She looks red hot (her dress too is dark red) in the pictures and lets  hope  that she leaves all the Billi’s and the Jawani’s behind …

2. Scarlet Johsan comes home: For the first time in the history of Pakistani cinema, a female actor will be seen kicking butts just like the super hot, Scarlet Johansan did as Black Widow! And guess who’s that super woman? It’s none other than our diva, Jia Ali. According to reports she will be seen playing a negative character and that too as a spy! She will be seen in more action sequences than most of the male actors.

1. It’s an era based movie:  A full on patriotic film, SKZ will have its twists and turns in the form of eras. It will consist of four eras dealing with the partition time period, the 1965 war and two of the others are unknown yet. This is surely a first in Pakistan!

We hope that these five reaons get you all excited and that you are as excited about the film as I am.



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