Day 1 Box Office: Wrong Number emerges as the winner while Bin Roye is a close second.

It was surely a clash of the titans as two big budget films were releasing on the very same day. Both the films had stars attached to them and the promotion/marketing for the films was a success as the buzz around them both was worth seeing. But what happens at the box-office window, well nobody can really predict. People thought that the Mahira Khan starrer would emerge as the clear winner given her recent escapades in Bollywood, but well the box office has a different story to tell.

According to independent box-office reporting sites, Wrong Number has collected approximately .75 crore while  Bin Roye has collected .50 crore at the box-office. We cannot vouch for the authenticity of the numbers, but this is all we have until the official numbers come from the makers themselves ( which though are not accurate either), but until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got.

Moreover Bajrangi Bhaijaan made 1.4 crore while Terminator made .31 crore.

We decided to talk to some cinema people and ask how the films fared at their cinemas

Mohsin Yaseen, General Manger Marketing and Operations at Cinepax said “Well both the films  ( Wrong Number and Bin Roye) are doing equally well at Cinepax. The shows for both the films are equal and almost all of them are sold out.”

He also added “However since the film Wrong Number has been playing in cinemas for two-three days now so it is very likely that it has a bigger aggregate but the first day of Eid was equal for both the films”

We also talked to Khurram Gultasab, General Manager of Super Cinemas, and he mentioned something similar at Super Cinemas “Well both the films are doing equally well at Super Cinemas.Also, most shows are housefull in our different centers which include Lahore, Sialkot and Gujrat”

So looks like both the films are doing equally well at cinemas. Lets wait for the official numbers to arrive now.


  1. Bad release timing is going to hurt both the films. Bin Roye has a decent screen count in UK, US, Aus and Gulf — therefore should be able to make at least half a million USD over its lifetime run overseas. That, coupled with television and Pak theatrical revenues should at least put it in the average territory.

  2. It seems the other way around — Pak films are denting BB’s business. Big revenue multiplexes are preferring to screen BR and WN whereas single screens are going for BB. Explains the figures. Both Pak films will emerge as winners. WN 3.5-5 cr, BR 3 C which are very good numbers. BR is huge overseas. Seems like the classes are preferring Pak content this eid.


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