Day 3 Box office : Both ‘Wrong Number’ and ‘Bin Roye’ have a solid weekend but ‘Wrong Number’ maintains its lead.

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these ‘Bin Roye’ box office numbers given by independent box office tracking sites. While we have the official numbers from ARY Films for ‘Wrong Number’ we do not have the numbers for ‘Bin Roye’. So until the official numbers come from the makers themselves or until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got.

It was surely a clash of the titans as two big budget films were releasing on the very same day. Both the films had stars attached to them and the promotion/marketing for the films was a success as the buzz around them both was worth seeing. But what happens at the box-office window, well nobody can really predict. People thought that the Mahira Khan starrer would emerge as the clear winner given her recent escapades in Bollywood, but well the box office has a different story to tell.

Here is the day to day breakdown for both the films:-
Official numbers from ARY for ‘Wrong Number’ and numbers from independent box-office tracking sites for ‘Bin Roye’

Wrong Number
Saturday(Eid Day One): 75lacs
Sunday (Eid Day Two) :90lacs
Monday (Eid Day Three): 88 lacs
Total 2.53 cr

Bin Roye
Saturday(Eid Day One): 42.55lacs
Sunday (Eid Day Two): 60lacs
Monday (Eid Day Three) : 72 lacs
Total 1.75 cr

And those who wanted to know Bajrangi Bhaijaan numbers
Saturday(Eid Day One):1.30cr
Sunday (Eid Day Two) :1.5cr
Monday ( Eid Day Three): 1.6cr
Total : 4.4 cr

We did ask some cinema people for their opinion and they maintained the same stance that both the films are doing equally well. Well lets wait and see what box-office numbers HUM Films will be giving out. Stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood.


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