1st Week Box Office: ‘ Dekh Magar Pyaar Say’ completely dead while ‘Moor’ and ‘Shah’ are strictly okay.

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers given by independent box office tracking sites. But until the official numbers come from the makers themselves or until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. Also the numbers are revised at times and hence you may find th numbers a bit different for certain days.

This Independence Day was surely special as not one, nor two, but three Pakistani films were releasing all over Pakistan. What made this clash even more interesting was the fact that the genres of the three films were completely different. While ‘DMPS’ was a commercial film pegged as a romantic comedy, the off beat films ‘Shah’ and ‘Moor’ were a biopic and drama respectively. Moreover all these films had to face tough competition from the Bollywood release ‘Brothers’ as well as the past releases ‘Wrong Number’ ‘Bin Roye’ and ‘Karachi Se Lahore’.

The first day proved to be a success for all the films as each of them recorded great numbers. While ‘DMPS’ being a commercial film was obviously the one with the biggest collection, ‘Shah’ and ‘Moor’ also clicked with their target markets and recorded healthy numbers.

But once the first day ended, the audience had their feedback ready and this word of mouth was spreading like wildfire. ‘DMPS’ got bashed by both critics and the general public while ‘Shah’ and ‘Moor’ won laurels. This was clearly visible in the numbers as the collections of ‘DMPS’ fell while ‘Shah’ and ‘Moor’ grew. But since ‘DMPS’ had huge collections on the first day the first weekend was decent.

But the real fall for ‘DMPS’ came on Monday as it was left with about 30% of the shows it was originally supposed to have and this is not a good sign for a film. Even these shows were played to a limited crowd as the negativity had spread and nobody wanted to see the film. Thursday was the last day for the film as it is no more playing in cinemas ( except for maybe two or three screens ) and thus the film had a lifetime of only 7 days. The coming weekend will probably be the last three days for the film at the remaining few screens and looks like this film will end on a 2.3 crore lifetime which means the film is a flop.

As for ‘Shah’ and ‘Moor’ they are strictly okay at the box-office. Yes, they were off-beat films, made for a certain section but still the numbers haven’t really been super-impressive and going by the decrease in shows it seems like the coming weekend will be the last few days at the box office for the films. A life-time of 1-1.25 crore seems to be on the cards for these films.

Here are the numbers:-

1. Dekh Magar Pyaar Say
-Friday-Sunday: 1.75 crore
-Monday Thursday: 0.40 crore
Total: 2.15 crore

-Friday-Sunday: .62 crore
-Monday Thursday: .23 crore
Total: 0.84 crore

-Friday-Sunday: .60 crore
-Monday Thursday: .15 crore
Total: 0.75 crore

Lets see what happens in the coming days. You stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood.


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