The Resham Starer Swaarangi Releases This Friday

By: Ibrahim Qutab

The Resham starer Swaarangi has been in the pipeline for more than two years but the film is all set for a release this August. Resham will make a come back to films after seven years. Swaarangi will be releasing all over Pakistan on 28th August.

The film is directed & written by Fida Hussain whereas Mazhar Abbas has produced the film. The film’s cast has some notable names including Resham, Ayub Khoso and Naveed Akbar. The music of the film is done by Sahi Ali Bagga . Sami Khan of “Lekin” fame has also contributed to the films music.

Press Release: Team Swaarangi met the press in Press Club Lahore, on August 21, 2015. Film star Resham said that she is glad her film is releasing at the time when Pakistani film industry is reviving. It is a good sign that now Pakistani film makers are making films like Swaarangi which is a product of parallel cinema.

 “Resham also said that I would love to work in more movies, provided my character has some meat and the story line and script is good”

She said that she is confident that this film will perform well at the box office as now our audience has matured for serious cinema and we are receiving message oriented films in a better way.’

Naveed Akbar said that he has performed for TV already, but it is his first film.

“To work with people like Resham and Ayub Khosa sahab in my first film has been a great experience for me”

Director Fida Hussain said that this film is an inspiration from real life incidents. The location chosen for this film’s shooting is near Mianwali and it is a remote village. Mazhar Abbas, the producer, said that the movie has been made keeping Pakistan film industry’s revival in view. Mazhar Abbas said that it is a concrete and intense story and after the film releases across Pakistan we are planning to take it to the next level by releasing it internationally as well.

Music of the film has been composed by Sahir Ali Bagga and promotional sound tracks are by Asrar Shah and Sami Khan.

Don’t forget to watch Swaarangi on 28th August in cinemas near you.


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