Day 43-49: The Eid releases ‘Wrong Number’ and ‘Bin Roye’ both cross the half century mark and are still going strong

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers given by independent box office tracking sites. While we had the official numbers from ARY Films for ‘Wrong Number’ for the first few days now we do not have the numbers for either ‘Wrong Number’ or Roye’. So until the official numbers come from the makers themselves or until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. Also the numbers are revised at times and hence you may find th numbers a bit different for certain days.

It was surely a clash of the titans as two big budget films were releasing on the very same day. Both the films had stars attached to them and the promotion/marketing for the films was a success as the buzz around them both was worth seeing. But what happens at the box-office window, well nobody can really predict. People thought that the Mahira Khan starrer would emerge as the clear winner given her recent escapades in Bollywood, but well the box office has a different story to tell.

It was evident from the first day itself that Wrong Number would be leading this box-office battle as it had registered huge numbers for the first day. Moreover it also managed to maintain those numbers as the days passed. A week after the release one could safely say that ‘Wrong Number’ not only won this war but had generally established itself as a ‘hit film’. Specially since it was holding up exceptionally well after the Eid holidays which proved that the film was being liked by the audiences and that the word of mouth was positive.However the biggest magic trick the film pulled was when it had a bigger second weekend as compared to its initial release. The international norm is that the second week sees a fall in the collections. But ‘Wrong Number’ not only maintained the collections rather it improved on them! It has already crossed the 10cr mark. It’s worth mentoring that except ‘Waar’ , ‘Na Maloom Afraad’, ‘Bol’ and Chooriyan’ no Pakistani film has ever crossed the 10 cr mark so it’s a huge achievement. The film has now grossed about 14 cr at the box office and has overtaken ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ while earning the spot as the third highest grosser of all time.Moreover the film held really well after the release of Karachi Se Lahore and added quite some numbers to the total tally.

Moreover ‘Bin Roye’ also is a winner in the sense that is has recorded good numbers at the box office. After a somewhat slow start the film picked up on day two and three and its due to this growth that the film had managed a strong first week. Moreover Bin Roye also held really well despite the fact that the Eid festivities had ended. Furthermore even ‘Bin Roye’ improved on its first week figures and shows a growth. Well the film has crossed the 10 cr mark at the domestic box office and once you add the numbers from the international markets this film has huge numbers. ( We will be doing a post on the Bin Roye international box office soon)

This fifth week was very crucial for both these films as three new Pakistani films were hitting cinemas and the showtimes were redistributed. But of the three new films not one has been able to put a dent into the collections of ‘Bin Roye’ and ‘Wrong Number’. While ‘Shah’ and ‘Moor’ being off beat films were never going to do much but even ‘DMPS’ is fizzling away in the background. Looks like both ‘Wrong Number’ and ‘Bin Roye’ are here to stay!

The sixth week was another surprising one as both Eid releases performed well.The films have now completed seven weeks and have crossed the 50 day mark and are still doing great business. Lets see what the eighth week holds for these films.

Here is the day to day breakdown for both the films.

 Wrong Number:

    • 1. Thursday + Friday (Limited release): 40 lacs
    • 2. Saturday (Eid Day One): 75 lacs
    • 3. Sunday (Eid Day Two): 90 lacs
    • 4. Monday (Eid Day Three): 88 lacs
    • 5. Tuesday: 92 lacs
    • 6. Wednesday: 75 lacs
    • 7. Thursday: 70 lacs
    • 8. Friday: 70 lacs
    • 9. Saturday: 90 lacs
    • 10. Sunday: 90 lacs
    • 11. Monday:60 lacs
    • 12. Tuesday: 55 lacs
    • 13. Wednesday:55 lacs
    • 14. Thursday:53 lacs
    • 15. Friday: 30 lacs
    • 16. Saturday: 38 lacs
    • 17. Sunday 37 lacs
    • 18. Monday: 22 lacs
    • 19. Tuesday: 19 lacs
    • 20. Wednesday: 18 lacs
    • 21. Thursday: 19 lacs
    • 22.23.24. Friday-Sunday: 85 lacs
    • Monday-Thursday : 35 lacs
    • 29.30.31 Friday-Sunday: 36 lacs
    • Monday-Thursday: 15 lacs
    • 36.37.38. Friday-Sunday: 21 lacs
    • Monday-Thursday: 14 lacs
    • Friday-Thursday: 54 lacs

Total: 14.40 cr

Bin Roye:

  • 1. Saturday (Eid Day One): 42.5 lacs
  • 2. Sunday (Eid Day Two): 60 lacs
  • 3. Monday (Eid Day Three): 72 lacs
  • 4. Tuesday: 63 lacs
  • 5. Wednesday: 58 lacs
  • 6. Thursday: 60 lacs
  • 7. Friday: 55 lacs
  • 8. Saturday: 70 lacs
  • 9. Sunday: 75 lacs
  • 10. Monday: 45 lacs
  • 11. Tuesday: 42 lacs
  • 12. Wednesday: 40 lacs
  • 13. Thursday: 40 lacs
  • 14. Friday: 22 lacs
  • 15. Saturday: 32 lacs
  • 16. Sunday: 31 lacs
  • 17. Monday: 20 lacs
  • 18. Tuesday: 15 lacs
  • 19. Wednesday: 18 lacs
  • 20. Thursday: 19 lacs
  • 21.22.23. Friday-Sunday: 80 lacs
  • Monday-Thursday: 30 lacs
  • 28.29.30 Friday-Sunday:30 lacs
  • Monday-Thursday: 10 lacs
  • 35.36.37 Friday-Sunday: 13 lacs
  • 10 lacs
  • Friday-Thursday: 15 lacs

Total: 10.68cr

And those who wanted to know Bajrangi Bhaijaan numbers.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan:

  • 1. Friday (Limited Release):0.5 cr
  • 2. Saturday(Eid Day One): 1.3 cr
  • 3. Sunday (Eid Day Two): 1.5 cr
  • 4. Monday ( Eid Day Three): 1.6 cr
  • 5. Tuesday: 1.4 cr
  • 6. Wednesday: 1.35 cr
  • 7. Thursday: 1.3 cr
  • 8. Friday: 1.35 cr
  • 9. Saturday: 1.5 cr
  • 10. Sunday: 1.75 cr
  • 11. Monday: 1.15 cr (estimates)
  • 12. Tuesday:  Not Reported (NR)
  • 13. Wednesday:  NR
  • 14. Thursday:  NR
  • 15. Friday: NR
  • 16. Saturday: NR
  • 17. Sunday: NR
  • 18. Monday: NR
  • 19. Tuesday:NR
  • 20. Wednesday: NR
  • 21. Thursday: NR
  • 22.23.24. Friday-Sunday: 1 cr
  • Monday-Thursday: 45 lacs
  • 29.30.31. Friday-Sunday:17 lacs
  • Monday-Thursday 6 lacs
  • 36.37.38 Friday-Sunday: 5 lacs
  • Monday-Thursday: 7 lacs
  • Friday-Thursday: 6 lacs

Total: 23.76 cr approx.

*Although the day to day collections are not known but this total includes the collections of the missing days as reported by the independent box office tracking sites.

We did ask some cinema people for their opinion and they maintained the same stance that both films are doing well but they did mention that ‘Wrong Number’ has been doing better at single screens while Bin Roye is  doing well at multiplexes.Well let’s see what the next few days have in store for both the films.


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