Box Office Update: The unstoppable ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’ scores bigger numbers on Day 2

The film ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’ was expected to to take a great start at the box office, but the mayhem that is being witnessed all over Pakistan is just crazy. The film created a new record when it scored the biggest first day collections on Friday but it was the growth on Saturday that has taken everyone by surprise.

Quoting from the website box office detail ” Jawani Phir Nahi Ani  is having phenomenal run and is running to 100% occupancies everywhere. Film has become a nationwide phenomenon as there are extra seats installed at few localities to cope up with the demand. There are extra shows at many places, tickets are being blacked out. The next few days are sold out at most places and few places are sold out for whole week. Such things happen rarely in the history of cinema and in Pakistan this happened last when Chooriyan released in 1998.”

Therefore it should not really come as a surprise that the second day of the film brought in a collection of  2.68 crores. Add in the .30 crores from Thursday previews and 2.07 crores from Friday and the two day( + previews) totals to 5.05 crore ( Box Office Detail).

Thursday (Previews)           .30 crore
Friday( Day 1)                     2.07 crore
Saturday ( Day 2)                2.68 crore    

Total                                      5.05 crore

Given that the shows have been further increased, lets see what Sunday has in store for the film.


  1. OMG! masala movies work!people love comedy with women in power, scantily clad dancers swoon as Pakistani audiences viewed a Pakistani film play cath up with Bollywood hangama !

  2. مور اور اس جیسی دوسری فلموں کا نہ چلنا افسوس کی بات ھے ، کیا ہے نئی بات جوانی پھر نہیں آنی میں ، ایسی کہانیاں ، ایسے ڈانسز ہم بالی ووڈ کی موویز میں بھی دیکھ سکتے ہیں ، ، ہمیں کچھ نیا چاہیئے پاکستانی فلم انڈسٹری سے ، ہماری اپنی پہچان ، اپنی سوچ ، اپنی کہانی ، اپنا میوزک ، ان فلموں کی کامیابی پر خوشی ہوتی ہے ، لیکن ساتھ میں یہ افسوس بھی ہے کہ کا ش ہم اپنی ایک الگ پہچان بناتے ، مجھے شدت سے سایہ خدائے ذوالجلاال ، ہجرت ، ، یلغار کا شدت سے انتظار ہے ۔ ہوسکے تو ہمیں ان موویز کے باریمیں اپ ڈیٹ ضرور کیجئے گا

  3. I watched JPNA on Eid 2nd Day…i can say without any doubt it is one the best movie ever made by Lolly wood, Sound & Picture quality are awsome & i really like DETAIL of film i mean each and every angle and characters’ story has been covered…..but some scenes & dances are not appropriate but overall film is amazing & i love Humayun Saeed :p

  4. Hello Pakistanis ! Saw the film JPNA in San Francisco was playing to crowded theater, since Pakistani films are now available in limited release, we Indians get to enjoyb them. This was a great film and also well done for a new emerging film, there were some Pakistanis men who who were bitching about some dances & scenes hey Pakistani men GET OVER IT we Indians enjoy seeing your sexy actors & beautiful actresses you need to broaden your horizons so tell the other film makers release your films in SAN FRANCISCO AMERICA there is a HUGE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR FIKMS1

  5. The Fiji-indians in Southern California were treated to a SPECIAL screening by the group Pakistanis in Califrnia. What a delightful film, the subtitles help non-speaking Ameericans. Thrilled by this great production, actors & actresses did a great job, music was up lifting so glad that these films present a comedy subject and hope more Pakistani films come our way!

  6. hi, i am from germany visiting family recently in pakstan, i was really amazed by watching JPNA, a great entertainment, paisa wasool, enjoyed a lot, its a kind of gol mall type film, speacially filled wth hilaiouse one liners,
    keep it pakistan


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