Arth 2 is a complete commercial film with great script at its core, says Shaan Shahid

The press conference of Shaan Shahid’s directorial comeback Arth 2 held today at Avari Hotel in Lahore. The conference was attended by the entire lead cast of the film which includes Shaan Shahid, Humaima Malik, Mohib Mirza and Uzma Hassan along with Yahya Khan of Telenor, Producer Ali Murtaza and Hammad Chaudhary of HKC Entertainment.

Arth 2 is the remake of Bollywood film Arth by Mahesh Bhutt. The film is being jointly produced by HKC Entertainment, AAA Motion Pictures and 5th Element (Shaan’s production house).

The press conference started with the introductory notes by Yahya Khan from Telenor, who briefed on the Easy Paisa’s collaboration with the film.

Khan also complemented Shaan Shahid and expressed his gratitude for working with the super star of the film industry.

The lead cast also expressed their thoughts about the project and shared their experience of working with each other.

Uzma Hassan, TV/theater actress, shared that she was having a wonderful experience of working with the entire cast in her debut film.

Shaan shared his thoughts behind re-making the 1982’s Bollywood film. He said that Arth 2 would be a complete commercial film with great script at its core and it would be synonymous with an art movie.

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He also shared the story behind a small change in the lead cast. According to him ARY Films was backing Arth 2 earlier and Humayun Saeed was part of the film because of them. As soon as ARY Films withdrew their support from the film, Saeed was replaced with Mohib Mirza, his first choice for the character.

Mohib Mirza as a return expressed gratitude to the actor of more than 570 films for taking him on board for the project.

While talking to the media Bol girl Humaima Malik praised Shaan Shahid as an actor and director. She also castigated some of the stars of the industry for enjoying the limelight and undue public appreciation despite having little to no contribution to the local film industry.

In the pres conference the recorded video message of Mahesh Bhutt was played. Bhutt showed the confidence on the remake of his hit movie and wished the entire team best. He also shared that he did not take any penny for giving the rights of the film to Shaan Shahid.

The film is expected to release in 2016. Shaan will also appear in action thriller Yalghaar in 2016.


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