Premiere of Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed starer ‘Bachaana’ held in Lahore

The premiere of rom-com film Bachaana held at Super Cinema, Vogue Tower in Lahore on Tuesday night and it was attended by the notable names of the film industry and other walks of the life.

The film premieres have become tiring business, especially in Lahore, for a while now, where the venue is swarmed with the guests and the red carpet is thronged with the cameras and fans, suffocating the entire place. In addition to it, there is usually no proper sitting plan and people keep moving from one place to another in the search of a seat (this may also end up with having no seat available for you).

Fortunately, such dismal scene was not repeated at Bachaana premiere, thanks to the organizers Lotus (PR company) and Super Cinema. The sitting plan was pre-defined and the red carpet was exclusive to the media (at least they left enough space for the stars to walk and breathe). The tight ‘security plan’, however, gave little chance to the stars to interact with the people at the event.

The premiere was not as such a star studded affair, but it was still sufficiently star powered. It was attended by the lead cast of the film, Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza and Adeel Hashmi, accompanied with the director Nasir Khan and the writer Saad Azhar. Beside them the other known names of the entertainment industry also graced the event, including Aamina Sheikh, Ahmad Ali Butt, Junaid Khan, Sarmad Khoosat, Ayesha Sana, Munib Nawaz, Cybil Chaudary, Rabia Butt and the musicians Ali Sher, Goher Mumtaz and Jimmy Khan.

Here are some of the Galaxy Lollywood’s exclusive pictures from the night. The review of the film will be shared very soon.

The stars of the night: Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed.

The real life couple: Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh.

The adorable trio.

The hunks: Agha Ali Khan, Jimmy Khan and Ahmad Ali Butt (okay, not a hunk).

The bright lady, Ayesha Sana. (It would be unfair not to mention that the lady took all the ‘Bright Karein’ puns thrown at her with open heart and did not bridle at any such reference. Huge applause for her.)

#AyeshaSana at the #Bachaana premiere lahore. #MohibMirza #SanamSaeed #lahore #premiere

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Nadia Afghan and Adeel Hashmi.

The heartthrob Junaid Khan.

Khorem Gultasab, General Manager, Super Cinema with the singer Goher Mumtaz.

Madiha Qaiser and Cybil Chaudary.

Last but not least, Galaxy Lollywood team (from left to right: Zeeshan Mahmood, Iman Faryad and Momin Ali Munshi).

The film opens Friday, Feb 26 all across the Pakistan.


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