Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer talk about comedy-thriller ‘Chupan Chupai’

Chupan Chupai, an upcoming Pakistani comedy-thriller film, is directed by Mohsin Ali, the guy who also wrote the screenplay of last year’s super hit comedy Wrong No. We can surely expect great things from Chupan Chupai being directional debut of Mohsin Ali, as he changes the hat and takes the leading position this time.

The film stars debonair Ahsan Khan and captivating Neelam Muneer in the lead roles. The other cast of the film includes veteran actor Talat Hussain, Sakina Samo (who will be seen first time in a feature film), Rehan Sheikh (who will play Ahsan’s elder brother), Adnan Jaffar (of Jalaibee fame) and Faizan Khawaja (who is currently busy with his Bollywood debut Bankster).

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Chupan Chupai will be the debut film of Neelam Munir, a household name, whereas Ahsan Khan has done his share of films beforehand. Ahsan was last time seen in Shahzad Rafiq’s Ishq Khuda opposite Meera.

We got a chance to talk with the lead pair about the film. Our first question for the actors, obviously, was about their experience of working with each other. Ahsan answered, “Working with Neelam is fun. She has a great potential and her character in the movie is very different and funny. The character she is doing is never seen before in a Pakistani film. And being such a different and challenging character, I can honestly say that no one else could have done justice to this role other than her.”

Neelam answered to the same question, “It is always an amazing experience to work with Ahsan, he established himself as a film star and has proved his worth both on TV and cinema before. I have a lot of respect and love for him.”

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When asked what made them pick this movie, Neelam said, “I chose the film because of its writer and director Mohsin Ali. I knew I can rely on him to bring my character on screen as real as possible, as the character of the girl I play is totally different from my real life. The script is way too good and catchy. The way of direction is very professional and creative. All of us are dependent on Mohsin, we know that he knows how to bring the best stuff on the screen. I am sure he will definitely do justice with the film.”

Whereas Ahsan said, “I had three film scripts under consideration and found the script of Chupan Chupai most interesting among them, as it’s a comic thriller and have very good story. I thought that it would be great fun to shoot this film and especially having people like Talat Hussain, Rehan Sheikh and Sakina Samo on board would be an opportunity not to miss. These factors played a key role in helping me to make my mind picking this project.”

The film will also be the launch pad for three debuting actors from National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). It’s been a month since the shooting of this film has started. The movie is expected to release somewhere in November under the banner of Huzu Productions. Jeff, an Amercian photographer, has been chosen as the director of photography of the film. The music of the film is still under development and the director is looking for the right tracks for the film.

Ahsan also told us that his character in the film is of a street boy who thinks he is really smart whereas in reality he is not and his over-smartness ends up bringing him into situations that gets hard for him to get out from. The film revolves around funny chaotic situations the protagonists get trapped.

While sharing the details of her character in the film, Neelam said, “my character is totally different from other female characters in recently released films. I can ensure you that you have never seen any heroine on screen like this before. The audience will fall in love with every single character of the movie and their dialogues, as the film offers combination of reality, comedy and thrill with the bits of romance in it.”

Neelam believes that cinema is totally different from TV. She expressed, “in movies we have very short duration to indulge and entertain the audience, which puts a lot of responsibility on us as an actor. We have to make sure that the audience enjoy the film and come again with family, as the duration for which a movies stays in the theaters heavily depends on the public choice. On the other side, on television you have a lot of margin as your character builds gradually every week and the viewers get attached to it with the passage of time.”

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This comic thriller promises having a balance between action, comedy, music, and romance. Chupan Chupai seems surely a film you should mark your calendars for.

We wish best of luck to the great team of Chupan Chupai.

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