A quick talk with Sanam Saeed, the seductive and conniving poetess of ‘Mah e Mir’

I got a chance to catch-up with the team of Mah e Mir on their trip to Lahore for the film’s promotions this week and I had a quick chat with the very beautiful and very intelligent Sanam Saeed.

She is the true embodiment of “beauty with brain”, as you will also believe in it after reading this short interview with the lady.

Without further ado, here is the interview we had with the Bachaana girl.

Iman: Name one actor or actress you would really like to work with?

Sanam: Saba Qamar, Nauman Ijaz and Amina Sheikh. (Well, it was not one name!)

Iman: Do you think actors are a narcissistic breed?

Sanam: They have to be, they have to have ego to be stars.

Iman: What is your biggest insecurity as an actor?

Sanam: I think I am too limited by the constraints, culture and society to completely let go and be open with my performance.

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Iman: When a film is offered to you what are the aspects you look for before giving the final nod?

Sanam: Definitely, script, director and cast.

Iman: How is your role in Mah e Mir different from something you have done before?

Sanam: Mah i Mir’s script is entirely different and its more poetic. Urdu in the film is very difficult and chaste. As compared to the other films, Mah e Mir is slightly more negative, and slightly more mature film. My character is of a mature poetess who is slightly seductive, slightly confident and slightly conniving.

Iman: Who in this industry is someone you get along with so well that if needing something you would call them at 4 a.m?

Sanam: Sarwat Gillani and Mehreen Jabbar.

Iman: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Sanam: Uhh.. I actually haven’t had any weird or crazy experiences. All my fans treat me with respect and admiration. Sometimes, they buy me a coffee or send a gift to me. That’s all.

Iman: Who do you think is your competition?

Sanam: Obviously, we’re all each others competitors because we’re all in that age bracket and it’s a tricky age bracket. Whenever the good role is being offered, everyone would be interested in playing it. So, intrinsically we’re all each others competitors, but we’re all colleagues and that’s just the business.

Iman: If given a chance would you trade your profession for something else?

Sanam: No. Never.

Iman: Has being married affected the roles that you have been given?

Sanam: No, not at all.

Iman: While you seem to come across as a calm and collected person, what conditions make you lose patience while shooting a film?

Sanam: Inefficiency and time waste for no reason.

Iman: If one day you woke up and you were one of the following person. What would you do? Mahira Khan?

Sanam: I would be very happy. Would feel fortunate and lucky.

Iman: Shaan Shahid?

Sanam: Ahhh, I would be over the moon!

Iman: Sohai Ali Abro?

Sanam: Sohai, I would be so happy that I could dance like that.

Iman: Your husband?

Sanam: If I woke up and I was my husband? (laughs) I think I’d… well that’s a strange question. I think I would be the coolest person in the world because I would be a bit of me and a bit of him and I think that would be a good combination.

Iman: If you had to choose one film from Bachaana, Mah e Mir and Dobara Phir Se. Which one would you choose?

Sanam: Bachaana is my favorite.

Iman: Lastly, anything you would like to say to your fans?

Sanam: Just come watch Mah e Mir. It would be a very different interesting experience, and slightly like a learning experience as there is a lot of subtext in this script and its very thought provoking. Right now all types of films are being made, so, this is just another one of the good films with a good team and a lot of effort put in it. So, definitely come watch it.

That’s all guys. I hope you liked the interview. Do share your feedback in the comments box.

Edited by Zeeshan Mahmood

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