Box Office Update: ‘Mah e Mir’ and ‘Hijrat’ are flops while ‘Maalik’ is a hit

Here is the box office report for all the films that released in the last few weeks.


The film released on 8 April 2016 and after a mixed response from the critics and audiences alike managed to collect 0.40 crore on its opening day. The film saw some growth on day 2 when it raked in 0.50 crore but then fell back to 0.46 crore on day 3 and then ending its first week with a solid 2.1 crore.

The second weekend added 0.60 crore and then after adding some 0.40 crore more the second week ended on a strong note, taking the 14 day total to 3.15 crore.Then came the third week where the film got banned by the government. However by the time the film got banned it had added about 0.75 crore which took the grand total to about 4 crore.

Given that the film was holding well at the box office it could have raked in more money but due to the ban its box office run ended.


The film released on April 22 and is one of the biggest flops when you talk about the new wave of cinema. It saw extremely poor occupancy from the very first day and this struggle at the box office continued till the end of its very limited box office run which was for 10 days. The film has collected less than 1 crore.

Mah e Mir

The eagerly awaited Fahad Musatafa-Iman Ali starrer released all over cinemas on 6 May 2016 and given the artistic nature of the film and its niche genre it was never expected that the film would make a strong impact at the box office.

It opened with 0.30 crore , which is not that great a number given that the film had huge names attached to it. A film like Maalik, which hardly had any stars attached to it opened with 0.40 crore. Sadly the film failed to see any major growth and collected 1.1 crore in its first weekend.

It completely crashed on monday and owing to the negative word of mouth ended its first week with 1.45 crore. The second weekend added 0.25 crore and with the release of Bollywood films ‘Azhar’ ‘1920 London’ the shows  for the film decreased. Now this week another Pakistani film ‘Aksbandh’ has released and ‘Mah e Mir’ is left with even lesser shows. Looks like the film is all set to end its run with approximately 2 crore.



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