Song line up of Noor Bukhari’s ‘Ishq Positive’ unveiled

Noor Bukhari’s Ishq Positive has its release nearing up with it’s cinema date set to be 22 July 2016, and before that comes a lot of unveiling activity. Part of this phase was the unveiling of the song line up of the film, which took place in Karachi yesterday (July 16, 2016) in the presence of relevant media personnel and bloggers.

The romantic comedy starring the “Lollywood” stalwart Noor Bukhari along with Wali Hamid Ali Khan, Saud, Sonu Saud, Faria Bukhari and Durdana Butt boasts 8 songs, sung and composed by Pakistan’s finest artistes including Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustaad Hamid Ali Khan, Wali Hamid Ali Khan, Damia Farooq, Ragaboyz, Sana Zulfiqar, Farah Anwer, famous Indian singer Akriti Kakar, Kamran Akhtar and Saaji Ali.

The press conference, organized for select media personnel, bloggers and showbiz personalities not only gave audiences an insight into the movie but also provided the lead cast an opportunity to share their experiences and memories created on the sets.

Ishq Positive music launch 2

Speaking about the distribution of Ishq Positive, Sultana Siddiqui President HUM Network stressed that “Pakistani cinema industry is in experimental phase and distributors cannot be choosy about projects if we want this fledgling industry to grow. Experiments are the key to innovation, our directors, producers and writers will learn with time, all we need to do is keep supporting them.”

Director and the main lead of the movie, Noor Bukhari raised the curtain from the amazing line-up of singers and music composers associated with the movie, here is how it stands:

Raab diyaan raab janeRahat Feteh Ali khan, Akriti kakar (India)Saaji AliKamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid ali khan and Saaji
Dil ka panchiWali Hamid Ali Khan, Damia FarooqSuraj Baba
Tujhe bin moraUstad Hamid Ali Khan, Akriti KakarUstad Hamid Ali khan and Wali Hamid Ali KhanWali Hamid Ali Khan
NaughtyWali Hamid Ali khan, Sana ZulfiqarSaaji Ali
Noor e khuddaWali Hamid Ali Khan, Akriti KakarTuraazKamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid Ali Khan and Saaji Ali
Ya AliRagaBoyzSaaji AliKamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid Ali khan and Saaji.
DanceWali Hamid Ali Khan, Akriti KakarKamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid Ali Khan and Saaji
Kina tenuWali Hamid Ali KhanSaaji AliKamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid Ali khan, Saaji Ali
VitaminFarah AnwerSaaji AliKamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid Ali Khan, Saaji Ali


The music videos of four of the movie’s songs Raab diyaan raab jane, Naughty, Dil ka panchi and Noor e Khudda were previewed to the enthusiastic attendees who clapped and cheered to the soothing lyrics of the songs. The lead cast performed on Dil ka Panchi. The film’s trailer was also screened after which the floor was opened for questions and answers.

The movie is penned by Suraj Baba, produced by Shazia Mahmood Hussain & Kashif Latif and directed by Noor Bukhari.


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